What is lead management, and how does it work?

The lead management cycle can vary between types of businesses, each company having their own unique process.  However, the basic structure remains the same: first market and gather leads, then qualify and distribute the leads to employees who will follow up in hopes of closing a sale.  By choosing a lead management software such as Blitz, this process can remain as simple and organized as possible.  Blitz enables users to link many of the programs they are using for lead management, such as lead providers or auto dialers, creating a seamless system that automates many tasks in the office.

How Blitz aids the 5 major stages in the lead management cycle:

  1. Gather leads- Once you have decided where to get leads from, there are several options in bringing leads into Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software.  Leads can come in automatically from internet lead providers or telemarketing companies, any spreadsheet can easily be uploaded to the system (such as cross sell lists, purchased lists, etc.), leads can be added individually, and leads can come in from a web form you can add to your website or send out via email.  Keeping these leads and contacts all in one system keeps your employees on the same page and your office organized.
  2. Distribute leads- No longer worry about who is supposed to call which lead.  With Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software, each lead can be designated to one person in your office.  Leads can be assigned automatically, manually, or by percentage.  This takes a lot of administrative work off your hands, creating extra time for other tasks.
  3. Qualify & Prioritize leads- It’s simple to prioritize leads with Blitz’s custom filtering tool.  Easily filter leads by any criteria you choose to target the hottest leads first.
  4. Nurture & Track leads- Perhaps the most important stage in the lead management cycle, nurturing leads is sometimes a difficult task to master.  Fortunately, Blitz has the tools available to make this process easy.  You are able to set up an automated Workflow to send out emails and schedule follow ups automatically, and mark them the appropriate status and milestone at each stage to track the process.  Blitz will remind you to follow up and let you know if you missed a follow up, preventing any leads from falling through the cracks.
  5. Reevaluate- In order to keep growing as a company, it is critical to always reevaluate what you’re doing.  Keeping on top of your employees and determining which lead sources are best will give you the edge to keep improving.  Blitz has simple reports available so you will always know what changes need to be made.