The Blitz sales follow-up software offers configurable Lead Log Quick Add’s.  A Lead Log Quick Add allows you to quickly log notes and schedule follow ups without any manual entry.   There will be a drop-down of all your Lead Log Quick Add’s on the Lead Log history screen.  Just by selecting the option within the drop-down, the history will be entered and if configured, a scheduled follow up and an email reminder can be set.  This is all automatic!

You no longer have to worry about typing notes on a lead or setting a follow up manually.  This is great especially when it a standard follow up when you don’t get a hold of the lead or just told to try back in 6 months, etc.  Also, the fact that these quick add’s are configurable within the web-based Blitz sales follow-up software makes your options endless.  You can setup automatic follow ups for 1 day, 2 days, 1 week, 30 days, 6 months or whatever you choose!

Having these Lead Log Quick Add’s in place along with the fact that you can page to the next lead right (from the Lead Log History screen) with one click means you can get through leads very quickly!  It just takes one click to have history entered, a scheduled follow up along with an email reminder set and then just one click to move to the next lead.