There is more to Blitz than adding spreadsheets and integrating web lead providers.  Do you get a lot of referrals or walk-ins?  Are you transitioning from paper to Blitz Lead Management Software? Are you using a web lead provider that is not directly integrated with Blitz?  These are all situations when you will manually add individual leads into Blitz.  This is a simple process, and is completely customizable.

To add leads one at a time, you will first want to add a campaign to put them in.  This can be done in Administration –> Manage Campaigns –> Add new record.  Select your company, and then create a name for your campaign, such as “Referrals” or “Telemarketing leads.”  Do not select private or archived.  Once this is saved, you will want to customize the campaign to fit the types of leads that will be coming in.  Click the campaign settings icon campaignsettings, then click the Custom Column Headings tab.  This is where you can add additional fields that are not predefined in Blitz, such as “Current Carrier” or “X Date.”  The predefined fields in Blitz relate to contact information, such as address, phone, or email.  Anything else will need to be added into a custom field.

After the campaign is customized to your liking, you are ready to begin adding leads.  To do this, go to Lead List and select the campaign you just created.  Click add new record, and simply input the lead’s information into the correct fields.  Don’t forget to save!

If your office uses GPS or the Robo-Agent Virtual Terminal, you can manually add individual leads from an outside source.

If you use GPS, and only want to add contacted leads into Blitz (versus uploading the entire list into Blitz first), you can choose to use a custom GPS form.  Using this form will enable you to add leads individually to Blitz within the GPS website.  Before customizing the form, you will need to enable the connection in Administration –> Web Lead Setup.  Click Configure next to GPS Insurance Marketing- Auto Dialer, and enable the types of leads you receive.  Before making calls using GPS, go to http://gpsinsurancemarketing.com/agents/integration/blitz-lead-manager.  Put in your Agency information, and select Blitz Lead Manager in the Lead Management System dropdown menu.  This will create your custom integrated GPS form to use during calling.  GPS will provide you a link to the form so you can access it later.  You could also choose to instead input these leads directly into Blitz, as explained previously.

If you use the Robo-Agent Virtual Terminal to quote individual leads, it can be configured to drop the quoted leads directly into Blitz.  The Virtual Terminal needs to be enabled in Web Lead Setup, under the First Impressions configurations.  Make sure that you have First Impressions set up correctly, then it will be ready to use!

If you need a visual on adding individual leads, click here to view a video on creating a campaign, and click here to view a video on adding a new lead.  For free additional training, call our office at 419-841-8800.