These tips will empower you to successfully survey by phone to get customer insights.

Customer feedback is essential if you want to improve satisfaction and grow your business. If your company wants to survey by phone, these 14 simple steps can help ensure success.

Tip #1: Keep is short
One of the most common mistakes that people make when creating a customer-facing survey is asking too many questions. Do not make the survey too long or people won’t want to take the time to respond.

Tip #2: Keep it simple
When crafting your questions for the survey by phone, do not make the mistake of making the questions too complex.  Make them concise and to the point.

Tip #3: Make it measurable
Every effective survey by phone needs to collect data that is easily measurable.  That means limiting or fully eliminating open-ended questions that will too challenging to quantify once all the information is collected.

Tip #4: Have a purpose
Collecting a data from a survey by phone must have a reason and purpose.  The survey cannot ask all questions and serve all purposes.  So limit it to one or two goals. This will help keep you focused at all stages of the process.

Tip #5: Use external surveys
While conducting a phone survey internally is likely possible for most organizations, there is value is having an outside party do the work for you. While there is a cost involved, that should be measured about the value of impartial, unbiased data.

Tip #6: Make the purpose personal
Every survey by phone can benefit from personalizing it so the recipient of the call understands that the data collected will help to improve a product or service that he or she cares about.

Tip #7: Use reasonable sample size
When surveying a cross-section of your customers (or a particular segment) it is helpful to keep the sample size small and manageable.

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Tip #8: Limit open-ended responses
Every survey by phone can improve from limiting – or even fully eliminating – open-ended questions. This will make the survey more statistically sound, while filtering out possible bias by the respondent.

Tip #9: Explain the process
The surveys by phone that are the most valuable are frequently those where the process throughout the process is transparent for those that responded, and those interested in the results.

Tip #10: Make the survey results available quickly
After the survey by phone is done, try to summarize and analyze all of the data within a few days of its conclusion, if possible.  Respondents in particular will appreciate being able to see the final results fast.

Tip #11: Make the survey results available easily
One the survey is completed, make the results available through a publicly accessible communication channel such as your corporate website.

Tip #12: Establish time expectations
Taking a survey on the phone might take 2 minutes or 20. Determine an accurate amount of time that it will take to ask and result to the survey.  This will allow the people you are calling the chance to determine if they want to take the time to take the survey at all. This will save you from having people stop half-way through because it takes too long.

Tip #13:  Align it to your business objectives
When conducting a survey by phone, it is essential that the questions that you are asking align properly to your business goals.  This is important to ensure value for your customers.

Tip #14:  Align it with your marketing goals
Likewise, whatever you ask in your survey it needs to work cohesively with your advertising objectives. Be sure that what you are asking – and how you are asking it matches with your corporate communication strategy.

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