Create a sustainable business model powered by the proven value of sales training.

To sustain your business you need to create reoccurring value that will help you achieve the goal of increased sales. The way you demonstrate the value of sales training for your team is to evaluate the needs of your customers, your sales team, and then make decisions that will allow you promote your goods and services with increased effectiveness. Here’s how you can get started with making your sales training more effective.

Demonstrate proven value up front.
For both your customers and those selling it, if you want them to see the value of sales training you need to have value for your target audience built-in.  This will allow your customers to see why doing business with you or your company is better than going to one of your competitors. Use sales training documentation and videos to empower your sales team with the information and content they need to do their job easily and effectively.

Create reoccurring value and revenue.
When using sales training to generate more revenue, it always helps to not only establish value but ways to help your customers achieve their goals while create more revenue on an ongoing basis. One great way to do this is to make sure your sales team is leveraging not only downloadable premium content (like white papers and case studies) but engage your customers and prospects using social media. Providing both a personal touch and information that helps your customers and prospects to do their jobs more effectively will help them to see your business as not just a vendor but a true business partner, who cares about their success.

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value of sales training

Narrow your focus (but never stop learning).
You have probably heard the saying that if you try to be everything to everyone you will be nothing to no one.  That is never truer when trying to establish the value of sales training with your team. While it may not be your favorite task, it is essential that you identify the top pain points for your customers and how your company, and how each team member, is uniquely qualified to assist them.

However, if you take nothing else away from this blog post, please remember this: it is never too late to start and you should always change and improve your process over time.  Evaluate your sales training process and compare that to your results.  Ask your sales team what is working and what is not.  Then tweak and (hopefully) improve your sales training to benefit both your sales team and your customers. But do not be afraid to change things periodically throughout the year, but just make sure you are making your decisions based on results and not just opinions and guesswork.

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