Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software has a new tool that can help your agency target specific leads at crucial times to dramatically increase your close ratio. The Workflow function has the ability to automate your staff’s schedule based on one critical date: the X-date. Never create monthly X-date lists again!

Seven ways Workflow simplifies your lead tracking process:

  1. Workflow filters your lists to target specific leads. By giving unsold quoted leads a “re-quote” status, Blitz’s Workflow will recognize that these particular leads need to be contacted prior to the X-date of their current carrier.
  2. Workflow identifies when the X-date of a lead is approaching and acts at that time. You will never again have to go through lists and filter by X-date or schedule follow ups prior to that date. Workflow will do the work for you, giving you the peace of mind that every lead will be contacted.
  3. Workflow sends out automatic emails to the lead. When the X-date is approaching, Blitz’s Workflow will automatically send out an email, personalized with the lead’s name and your assigned LSP and agency’s information.
  4. Workflow automatically schedules appointments for your staff. The same day the automatic email is sent out, an appointment is automatically added to the assigned LSP’s schedule to follow up with a phone call.
  5. Workflow increments X-dates appropriately. If the sale wasn’t made this time, Workflow will add six months to the X-date so the process will continue until you receive their business.
  6. Workflow can be customized. This feature is not static. You can choose how Blitz’s Workflow operates based on the needs and strategies of your office. You can choose when these actions will occur, what the emails will say, and can decide not to use both emails and follow-ups. More than one Workflow can be configured to follow up with different leads in different situations. The options are limitless.
  7. Workflow helps keep your staff on track. When follow-ups are automatically added to your staff’s schedule, if the lead is not worked it will become neglected. This aspect will help you stay on top of your employees to keep sales up.

The lead tracking process can be tricky, so using Workflow to maintain a consistent approach will keep your office more organized and keep your producers focused and accountable. The automated feature will free up more time to spend communicating with leads and customers, and that alone will boost sales significantly.

Ready to sign up for Workflow, or want to schedule a Web Presentation?  Contact Blitz at (419)841-8800 or support@blitzleadmanager.com