Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software’s Workflow functionality has the ability to automatically send emails to leads, schedule appointments, and increment contract dates.  Workflow can be triggered by various events, making it possible to automatically target specific leads at specific times, simplifying lead tracking.  This tool is completely customizable, giving employers the power to create a system that fits the needs of their business.

The milestone trigger enables Workflow to be activated a custom number of days after a particular milestone has been reached.  Prospectors use this trigger to automatically send out emails that apply to the stage the lead is currently at in the sales process, as well as automatically scheduling follow-ups at those critical times.  Below are a few examples of how this trigger can be implemented for an insurance agency, but can be customized to work for any type of business:

  • Quote Milestone- Workflow could be configured to send automatic emails and schedule follow-ups until the lead is either not interested or sold.
  • Sold Milestone- A follow-up email could be sent after a policy is sold, thanking the lead for their business and giving them more information about other available policies.  Appointments could be added for cross-selling.  This workflow can also be used to get referrals- simply add a Blitz web form link to the email template and new customers can forward the message!  Once a lead has been sold for 3 or 4 months, a policy review email could be sent out and an appointment added to call the lead.
  • Not interested– An email could be sent out for the lead’s reference, and an appointment could be added later on to try again 5 or 6 months later.

A complete Workflow can be made up of multiple triggers to generate different actions at different times.  The other available triggers include “time since lead was added to Blitz”, “time since lead was assigned or reassigned”, and “contract date approaching or passed”.  By combining a series of triggers, your company has the ability to create a complex Workflow that can automate many of the tasks that take up valuable time in your office.

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