Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software’s Workflow functionality has the ability to automatically send emails to leads, schedule appointments, and increment contract dates.  Workflow can filter leads by various criteria, making it possible to automatically target specific leads at specific times.  This tool is completely customizable, giving agents the power to create a system that fits the needs of their agency.

Agents use Blitz Insurance Sales Software’s Campaign filter to send emails that apply to entire lists of leads, as well as determining how many follow-up calls are necessary for those particular leads.  Below are a few examples of how this filter can be implemented:

  • Auto and home campaigns– Organizing different types of leads into separate campaigns enables outgoing emails to be specific to the type of insurance the lead is interested in.
  • Walk-in campaign– Leads that walked in or contacted the agency for a quote could be sent automatic “Thanks for stopping in” emails, with automatic follow-up appointments set up similar to the normal office procedure.
  • Winback list– Emails can be sent prior to the X-Date of previous customers offering a new quote along with any new updates about the carrier.
  • Cross sell lists– Campaigns such as “Home, no auto” can be targeted with information specifically about auto insurance.
  • Web form leads– Campaigns configured to receive web form leads can have a Workflow set up to send out a “Thanks for your interest” email and automatic appointments to follow up until the lead is contacted.

The Blitz Insurance Sales Software campaign filter can be combined with up to six other available filters: current status, current milestone, lead type (imported from a list, manually added, or web lead), lead source, leads that are assigned, and leads that have a contract date.  By using multiple filters, email templates and number of follow-ups can be specific to each unique situation.

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