Do you make a lot of phone calls?  Do you not want to spend time adding a history note and a follow up appointment for every lead?  A Lead Log Quick Add allows you to quickly log notes and schedule follow ups without any manual entry.  In Blitz, there will be a drop-down of all your Lead Log Quick Adds on the Lead Log history screen.  Just by selecting the option within the drop-down, the history will be entered and if configured, a scheduled follow up and an email reminder can be set.  This is all automatic!

Quick Adds should be used only for situations that occur often and require no added notes or information.  They are great for quickly noting that you reached a bad number, made a sale, reached voicemail, or need to follow up in a certain number of days.  If it is a unique situation, you will want to manually add the history note and follow up so the notes can be custom to the circumstances.  Quick Adds will always automatically update the status of a lead, so keep that in mind when choosing to use this feature.

Every office is different.  Quick Adds can be customized to fit the conditions of your workplace.  To do this, go to Administration –> Lead Log Quick Adds and select Add new record.  In this screen, you will choose a name for the quick add, which is what will be displayed in the drop-down on the Lead Log history screen.  A status needs to be selected to fit the situation; for example, if you reached a bad phone number, you would want the status to be changed to bad phone number.  A milestone can be selected if you choose, or it can be left blank to keep the current milestone as is.  Select the log type, and add any notes that you would like to be added to the automatic history note.

To configure a follow up appointment, check the box next to Create Follow up Appointment.  Enter the available fields below to choose how many days or hours from now the appointment will be scheduled, as well as the type of appointment, if you would like a reminder, and appointment notes.  For example, if you made a sale, you may want to follow up in six months to see how they are enjoying the product.  Some situations, such as bad phone number or not interested, should not have an appointment configured.

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