Looking to increase donations? Use the right tool to manage your relationships: a nonprofit CRM offers a dynamic way of nurturing donor loyalty

As you know, a nonprofit organization is run very similarly to a business. They make cold calls for sales; you make cold calls for donations. They market their products and brands; you market your services, purpose, and impact.

When it comes to nurturing leads (people who donate to your cause), treat your process like for-profit companies. Customer relationship management (CRM) for nonprofits is the difference-maker. With nonprofit CRM software, you have a greater ability to convert leads into donors. You just have to know what CRM is right for you and which features to look for.

Which nonprofits can use CRMs?

Any organization that relies on donations, fundraising, and patron loyalty has a need for CRM software. This tool makes it easier to contact, engage, and develop relationships. Your marketing and fundraising team benefit from having their contacts organized in one place.

Sales automation makes it easier to follow-up with leads right away. It develops a workable “sales funnel”, or, in your case, “donation funnel” for your organization. Not only that, but your coordinators, managers, and fundraising teams will have greater control of donor retention.

How a nonprofit CRM will increase your donations

1. Automated reminders and follow-ups for donors at every stage 

When it comes to donors, there are four different types: referrals, leads, recent donors, and past donors. With a CRM like Blitz under your belt, you have the ability to segment these groups and target them with specific nurturing strategies.

You can run reports to see where your leads are coming from, who your best referrers are, and which donors to target again. Here are a few more features:

  • Set reminders for team members to contact leads.
  • Schedule automated emails for new leads.
  • Segment and categorize groups of donors for outreach campaigns.

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2. Email drip campaigns for targeted groups 

Once you segment a group of donors, you can schedule automated drip campaigns to capture attention. Drip campaigns are a series of emails that are sent out over a short period to engage a specific group of recipients. We also include email templates for different groups or purposes, making it easier for your team to create a new campaign.

  • Email drips target donors in specific points of the process.
  • Emails are sent out automatically thought the system, allowing for more time on other tasks.
  • Track who opened, read, or responded to your emails.

3. Lead assignment for team members 

If a new lead enters into the system, you can assign him to one of your team members directly through the CRM system. That employee will receive reminders to follow-up and schedule a call. He can also input additional information about the client within the system, make notes, and record donation amounts.

  • Easy to assign leads and referrals to employees.
  • Segment groups for fundraising calls and assign groups to employees.

4. Win back lost donors 

Your nonprofit CRM system will stay up to date on past donors as well. Now you can instantly view who has not recently donated and what amounts they gave before. To win back their loyalty, you can send out targeted emails to these people, set up email drips, and make calls within the software. All the tools you need are right in front of you.

  • Receive reminders when donors are being neglected.
  • View the correspondence you had with a past donor.
  • Segment groups and target them with specific marketing messages.

What’s the main feature a nonprofit CRM must have? Affordability!

Here’s one thing we left out: Blitz is one of the most affordable CRMs on the market. The features we offer are useful and practical for several different industries and it’s designed to make your follow-up efforts more efficient. We offer a nonprofit CRM that is user-friendly, affordable and offers unique lead management features.

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client-managerWant to take your donor conversions to the next level? Schedule a free demo of our lead management software and turn leads into customers with less work!

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What’s your thoughts? Do you have any questions about using a nonprofit CRM? Share your comments!