Do you currently have an online form or application that you would like to send information directly to your Blitz account?  Have you already tried to create a custom Blitz web form and you just need it to do more?  Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software gives you API access to add, update, or retrieve lead tracking information from your Blitz account.  The most common use is dropping leads into Blitz from a form on your website.  Blitz support actually utilizes this tool on our website- our registration form, contact us, and web demo request forms all sends certain information directly to Blitz and are automatically assigned to a Blitz support user.  All of our supported internet lead providers use the API to send leads to users’ accounts, which is why you need to send over your Blitz IDs from My Profile to enable the integration.

Below are Blitz’s current supported operations:

  • AddLead
  • AddLeadAndHistory
  • AddLeadLog
  • AddReQuoteHistory
  • GetAssignedToCompanies
  • GetAssignedToUsers
  • GetCampaigns
  • GetCountries
  • GetCustomColumnNames
  • GetCustomColumns
  • GetCustomColumnsByProviderAndType
  • GetCustomDropdowns
  • GetLeadById
  • GetLeadLogTypes
  • GetLeadMilestones
  • GetLeadStatuses
  • GetStates
  • UpdateLead

To learn more about this, or for API access, call Blitz support at (419)841-8800 or email support@blitzleadmanager.com.