Due to the high level of customization available in Blitz, more users are turning to Blitz for their applicant tracking software as well as managing their current leads and contacts.  Why use two separate programs when you have everything you need in Blitz?  Blitz simplifies the hiring process, enabling employers to easily recruit and hire qualified candidates while managing every stage of the process.  The features in Blitz that streamline your sales process can do the same thing for staffing.

Using Blitz’s web form, you can easily recruit candidates and track where they came from.  You can add the form to your website or email it to potential candidates, and when it’s submitted it will be sent directly to your HR, employer, etc. to follow up.  You are able to set up an automatic email to the candidate thanking them for their submission, and resumes can be uploaded directly to the recruit’s lead log for easy access.

When viewing the list of applicants in the staffing software, you are able to filter by any criteria you choose to pinpoint the perfect candidate for your business.  Availability, skills, education, you name it!  Instead of spending hours sifting through applications, take two minutes to select the qualifications you are looking for to narrow down your search.  After reviewing, you can choose to send out an email blast to applicants you are interested in interviewing with.

Since Blitz Applicant Tracking Software  is completely customizable, you are able to define your hiring process.  Are there a lot of steps involved?  Check off each requirement easily as you go!  You can also apply Blitz’s Workflow to automate many of the steps.  Workflow can streamline your system with automatic scheduling, reminders, and emails to keep your staff and candidates informed and on track.

Hiring isn’t always the easiest task, and it’s a good idea to review to see if your process is as effective as it could be.  Fortunately, Blitz Applicant Tracking Software makes reporting and tracking a simple and painless task.  Since your process can be defined, you are able to track any actions in Blitz you choose.  Many users are monitoring recruiting and hiring activities in Blitz by tracking the best source of candidates and evaluating the overall success of their hiring process.

If you are in need of an applicant tracking software system like Blitz, set up a free web demo today or try Blitz for 30 days free!