Businesses are beginning to realize that more and more of their target audience is using social media to communicate rather than email, phone, and mail.  Adapting to this new wave of technology and social structure doesn’t need to be difficult- just follow a few key guidelines on reaching potential customers, and make sure they have a simple way to get back to you.


10 ways to improve your social media marketing:

  1. Don’t jump in too fast.  Technically, using social media for marketing is free, but time is money!  Adapting to new marketing techniques takes time.  It’s easier, and requires fewer resources, to start with one site and add on when you’re comfortable.
  2. Use a social media dashboard.  Once you’re ready to tackle several systems, try using a dashboard such as HootSuite , TweetDeck  or Social Oomph.  It can help save time jumping between sites to make updates.
  3. Actively learn.  Did you know your company might already have a Facebook page, and you can “claim” it?  Did you know you can search for your company’s domain in Twitter to see how many people are tweeting about it?  Did you know you can see how many people have pinned an image from your website on Pinterest by tweaking the URL?  Learning how these systems work, and discovering new tricks and tips can make the difference.
  4. Have a process.  It’s easy to head in the wrong direction with social media without even realizing it, and it happens to businesses all the time.  Define a plan, stick to it, then periodically reevaluate what needs improvement and make changes where needed.
  5. Use links.  Help your followers get around!  The faster technology becomes, the more impatient people become.  Add social media links to your website and email signature, and also add links to your company site on your social media pages.  This way nobody will get “stuck” and take their business elsewhere.  Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software offers a custom web form to automatically capture new leads from your website for easier lead trackingclick here to view instructions.
  6. Update regularly.  Keep every profile completely filled out with accurate and current information.  The more the better!  Then make sure to update your pages regularly, or your “likes” and followers will drop like flies.
  7. Be real.  Social media advertising can be a bit more laid back.  Talk in first person view to make them see there is a human behind the screen.  People will “like” the personal touch!
  8. Be clear.  What exactly are you trying to advertise?  What should a prospect do next if they are interested?  Using a call to action such as “click here to…” or “call us at…” will guide leads in the right direction.
  9. Connect.  The point of social media is to be social, right?  Retweet, post comments, and start discussions.  Your followers will be more engaged, and often times you will get valuable feedback that can improve your company.  People are a bit more open and honest when logged into a social media site.
  10. Discuss other things.  Talking about other relevant news, issues, etc. will attract more people and show them that you are enthusiastic and passionate about a wide range of topics.  Your posts will be more likely shared or retweeted, easily getting your name out there.