One of the coolest features about Blitz is that it’s a “Build-to-Suit” platform that tailors its design and functionality to meet the needs of any company. From managing leads to tracking them, it is an incredibly useful tool to have at your fingertips.

During the long hiring process – résumés, interview notes, and reminders can all fall through the cracks. With Blitz at your disposal, you can create a list of all candidates with customizable columns detailing all of their information, store all résumés, input notes from each interview, set follow up reminders, send e-mails, assign ratings to each candidate, and track the status of each candidate throughout the entire hiring process, all in one place at www.blitzleadmanager.com.

In an effort to make the hiring process even more seamless, Blitz has integrated with Careerbuilder.com and now offers recruiting software that allows you to select and transfer qualified candidates directly into Blitz. This process automatically brings the candidate’s information and resume into one convenient screen.

Once you receive a résumé, you enter that person and their resume into the system. Once this is done, you are able to set their status to “Résumé Received” and schedule a time for you, or any member of your team, to call the candidate and set up an interview. After you interview the candidate, you can enter history notes on how the interview went, things you liked, things you didn’t like, and rate them. At this point, you have already achieved the “Milestones” of receiving the résumé, contacting them, and interviewing them, so you could set the Milestone to “First Interview Completed”, set the status to “Follow up” and set yourself a reminder to call them when you are finished interviewing other candidates. When you get the reminder, all of their information will be accessible on your screen. You will get their name and phone number, as well as all the notes you took, and any other information you entered about this candidate.

Recruiting Software

Blitz Applicant Tracking in action. View all applicants’ information, milestones, statuses, add tags, filter, search, and open résumés all in one place.

You’ll never have to worry about the stressful hiring process or keeping track of all your files again. Once you try Blitz, you’ll find many other practical uses for it and make it part of your daily routine to help your business operate more efficiently.

For tips on how to make the interview process go as smoothly as possible and make sure you hire the best applicant, check out these Blitz Interview Tips.