When losing a customer, it’s important to 1) find out and document why they’re leaving, and 2) create an automated follow-up process to win them back.


1) Tracking Win Backs

There are countless ways to track win backs in Blitz, but we’re focusing on one: Tags.  A tag is easy to add, easy to remove, offers a breakdown on the My Blitz page, and can be tracked using a detailed report.  By tracking why clients are leaving, you are able to pinpoint issues and make a plan to improve.  It also allows you to easily target leads when things change.  For example, if your pricing or rates change, you can easily find every past customer who left for that reason and target them in a winback campaign.

To create custom tags, go to Admin > Lead Tags.  Create each tag based on common cancellation reasons (you can always add more as they come up), choose a color, and click save.  Tags can be added both on the lead list or directly within a lead log.  To apply a tag from the lead list, click the check box next to the lead and choose the tag from the “Add Tag” dropdown above the list.  To apply a tag within a lead log, click “Show Tags” at the top and choose a tag from the +Add New Tag dropdown.


The My Blitz page displays an easy-to-read breakdown of your tags:




2) Automating follow-up to win back past clients

Setting up a custom Workflow can make the winback process simpler and more consistent.  First, make a plan on when you will re-contact a past customer.  Prior to their renewal date?  One year after they cancel?  Second, decide how you will break down your contacts in Blitz.  You can filter contacts based on tags (see above!), statuses, milestones, or campaign.  Decide how specific you would like to be and how you can segment your leads to fit each process.  Lastly, choose what methods of contact you will use to follow up (we recommend a combination).  Phone calls? A mailer? Email?


A sample Workflow might look like this:

Filters: “Cancelled – Pricing” tag, Winback status

Trigger: “Contract Date” field – This could be when a past customer will become elegible for a discount, for example.

30 days prior: Automatic requote

25 days prior: Follow up call at 10:00am

20 days prior: Follow up email

15 days prior: Follow up call at 3:00pm

10 days prior: Follow up email

Then repeat!  Blitz will automatically add 6 months (or whatever time increment you choose) to the contract date once it passes to continue this process in the future.


To set up a Workflow, contact Blitz support at support@Blitzleadmanager.com or (419)841-8800 ext. 2