For those of you who still watch commercials, have you ever noticed a large percentage are insurance companies?  The insurance industry spends billions of dollars per year on marketing, keeping us entertained and confused on which company to buy from.  Check out 8 of the funniest commercials on TV, as you ponder switching again:


1. Emotionally Compromised Teenage Girl

Allstate Insurance

“I’m a teenage girl.  My BFF Becky texts and says she’s kissed Johnny.  Well that’s a problem ’cause… I like Johnny.  Now, I’m emotionally compromised, and, whoopsies… I’m all ‘OMG! Becky’s not even hot!'”



2. The State Farm Jingle

State Farm

“And can I get a hot tub?!”  If only it were that easy…


3. It’s so easy, a caveman can do it

Geico Insurance

The poor caveman just wants to live a normal life.  Here’s the very first appearance:


4. Jake, from State Farm

State Farm

“What are you wearing, ‘Jake, from State Farm?'”

“Uh… Khakis…”

“She sounds hideous.”

“Well, she’s a guy, so…”


5. Geico Gecko

Geico Insurance

Whoops!  The Gecko rarely compares to Geico’s other mascots on the funny scale, but this one is clever enough to make the cut.  Funny and cringe-worthy at the same time!


6. Flo

Progressive Insurance

Leave it to Flo to make things uncomfortable.  Most people either love or hate this well known spokeswoman.


7. University of Farmers

Farmers Insurance

This was one of the top funniest out of the University of Farmers bunch.  And they are educational!



8.  Hump Day

Geico Insurance

This list would not be complete without the now-famous “Guess what day it is?!” line we all love to hate.  The entire “happier than a…” series is pretty hilarious, actually.