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The creation of the Internet brought about a widespread enlightenment. Over the next twenty years, the World Wide Web became a virtual science lab where people presented their most genius ideas, and others… not so much (cue Keyboard Cat). For salespeople, the creation of the Internet meant they no longer had to operate solely on the local hearsay as their sales resources. The industry’s top gurus were more than willing to share their expertise to the rest of the community, and usually at no cost. Below we’ve compiled the top 20 free sales resources on the web. Add them to your bookmark; we guarantee they’ll illuminate the sales world for you.

Sales Websites:


1.)  EyesOnSales.com

The site invites the top sales trainers to submit their coveted advice in articles covering a wide variety of sales topics.

2.)  Salesmarks.com

This site offers an expansive number of sales tips, which they publish regularly.

3.)  JustSell.com

Justsell.com offers tools and ideas to salespeople who would like to be more effective in selling. Webinars are available with the first 15 minutes free.


Magazine Websites:


4.) SellingPower.com

Selling Power magazine’s website contains information on events and links to their blog.

5.) TopSalesWorld.com

Top Sales World collects the top 10 sales articles every week.


Business Statistics Resources:


6.) BizStats.com

This site provides free business statistics and financial ratios.

7.) Forecasts.org

Forecasts.org predicts financial forecasts in easy-to-read charts.

Educational Groups:


8.)  Toastmasters International

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of meeting locations.

9.)  CanDoGo.com

The site gathers and organizes text, audio, and video content from top-noted sales authors and trainers.

10.)  SalesResources.com

This site provides free sales articles, training, and resources. There’s even a job search tab.

11.)  Salesopedia.com

Salesopedia.com is the encyclopedia of sales and boasts a number of text, audio, and video sources.

12.) Amanet.org

The American Management Association brings together hundreds of articles, white papers, podcasts, and web events.

All-in-one homepages:


13.) CeoExpress.com

CeoExpress.com acts as a comprehensive home page for the busy sales CEO.

14.) AlltopSales.com

This site pulls in headlines from all the popular sales blogs and displays them on one page.

Networking Resources:


15.) ZoomInfo.com

Zoom Info allows users to search and access people’s basic information, as well as providing webinars and white papers.

16.) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a large social network that’s akin to the Facebook of the professional world.

17.) Quora

This site brings professionals together and allows users to host discussions.

18.)  EFactor.com

Efactor is a great discussion area for salespeople to connect with like-minded individuals.

19.) SalesGravy.com

Salesgravy.com is a leading social network for sales professionals. Users can share opportunities and resources.

20.) Inbound.org

Inbound.org is set up similarly to Twitter. Users can follow other sales professionals and share content.