Looking for new sales contest ideas? Look no more. Here are 10 of our favorite ways to boost your team’s spirits and rake in the big bucks.

It’s annual review time, and you’re looking for some sales contest ideas to shake things up in your company.

Why? Well, your staff are all doing well on their performance evaluations. They consistently “meet expectations,” and while you’re happy with the results, you’re also wondering how to inspire your team to move past that designation and into the “exceeds expectations” category. Motivating employees pushes them to work harder and wiser, and the better they perform, the better your sales goals will, too.

Competition in the workplace is a huge inspiration, but don’t think the only option you have for a sales contest is highest-earner-takes-all. While those are good motivators for your already hard-working employees, they tend to exclude your middle-ground or struggling-to-earn staff.

Encourage your employees to compete against themselves, too. See if they can outperform their previous week, month, quarter, or year of sales. You’ll be happy with the results.

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10 sales contest ideas to implement with your staff right away

Employee of the Month

Recognition is one of the best staff motivators. If you work in an industry where you’re able to easily ask for client feedback, let your customers be the judge of who wins every month. If not, measure the winner by performance or other specific KPIs, and announce the grand prize winner to your customers in the monthly company newsletter.

Fishing for Leads

If your prospect list is long and hasn’t been touched in a while, start a competition for who can turn the most leads into clients. Make everyone contact a minimum number of leads every day. The winner is the person who has the most conversions during the contest period. This person should get a fishing-themed prize, whether it be a fishing trip, fresh lobster shipped from Maine, or a fancy sushi dinner.

The Balloon Pop

If you want to insert the element of surprise in your sales contest, enlist the help of balloons. On scraps of paper, write what prize the salesperson wins, and stuff them in blown up balloons.The prizes should range from small to big. Every time a goal is met or a sale is made, let your staff member choose his own balloon. He won’t know what he wins until he pops it.

Put the Boss to Work

You don’t need to have the biggest budget to come up with the best sales contest ideas. Be creative. One way to motivate your staff is to come up with an incentive where the boss has to do something for the winner. Maybe he’ll wash the weekly winner’s car, or maybe he’ll buy and deliver breakfast to the best performing team. Be sure to be clear on how to measure who wins. Your staff will really work hard for this idea!

Raffle Off Prizes

Are you looking for an opportunity where your staff can compete against themselves? Set measurable goals for every employee. For every day or week that they hit their targets, give them a set number of raffle tickets. At the end of the contest period, prizes are raffled off, and the winners are chosen at random. The better your staff perform throughout the contest, the more likely they’ll win.

Parking Pass

When all of your salespeople are arriving at the office around the same time, parking can be a nightmare. It doesn’t matter how physically fit or wellness oriented your team is, most people still try to park as close as they can to the entrance. If you’re looking for long-term sales contest ideas, designate a parking spot closest to your main entrance as a prize. Use this idea for a long-running sales contest, ideally one that runs monthly or quarterly. Your staff will be less motivated to work hard if they only get to park in the special spot for one week.

Winner Chooses Next Contest

If contests are a regular part of your sales strategy, here’s one way to shake up the atmosphere. Allow the winner of your current contest to search through your sales contest ideas and choose whichever they like best. Your staff will work harder to have the upper hand in the next round of competition.

Everyone Wins

When you’re looking for sales contest ideas to boost office morale, set a goal for the entire team to win, not just one salesperson. If your office hits whatever goal they set for the month, everyone in the office wins a prize. Your staff will be forced to help each other work on performance. Bonus points if you let the team choose the winning prize before the competition begins.

Sports-themed Sales Contest Ideas

Is your office filled with baseball, basketball, or football fans? Encourage a sales boost by creating contests your staff have interest in. When it’s football season, play a sales version of fantasy football using KPIs to measure who in the office is winning. Bench “players” when they have days off or vacations. In the spring, go March Madness style, where your employees go head-to-head on performance. Surprise the winners with tickets to a big game in your area.

Survey Your Customers

Most often, sales contest winners are determined by set goals or management decision. How about you change that and put the entire contest in your customers’ hands? It’s always good to survey your client-base about your company’s performance. The team or salesperson who gets the best customer rating wins the prize.

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lead-managerWhile your staff are hard at work competing against each other, leads will be pouring in. Schedule a free demo of our lead management software so you can turn prospects into customers!

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Do you regularly have sales contests? Which work the best for you? Let us know in the comments!