We have searched out the top website building sites, so you don’t have to.

Does this scenario sound familiar?  Your business either has a website or needs a new website.  You have limited staff and your resources are stretched thin.  You need a website fast, but you either don’t have experience with website coding – or maybe do but just don’t have the time do create it yourself.  If that’s you, you have come to the right place.  Here is our list of the top website building sites for creating your web presence in no time.

Top Website Building Sites Tip #1: SquareSpace.com
Squarespace.com is a great website builder that I have used for years.  To get started they offer a free trial, which is always a plus if you are like me and want to give a new platform a spin before plunking down money. Though it costs around $20 a month, which isn’t a bad price for what you get. Their website templates offer not only clean design esthetics, but have a good balance between open space, text, and imagery.  This is key because it allows you to create a website that will look top-notch without any coding experience. Not only do they offer solid support, but their upload times are good and 24/7 email support and live chat is included. Especially if you are a photographer or have a business that requires using a lot of images, this might be one of the top website building sites to look at first.

Top Website Building Sites Tip #2: WIX.com
WIX.com is another good website builder that is also highly recommended.  The cost is around $10 a month for an “ad-free” package and the interface is easy to use and fairly straight forward.  They offer a wide variety of templates that is perfect if you are a small business and want to get a website up and online that looks professional but you are on tight budget. However, I will offer a few words of caution.  First, if you want to add an email account it will cost you around $5 a month for each one, which I personally feel is too much.  Second, if your business needs an eCommerce site with an online store, you might be paying closer to $20 a month for your website.

Top Website Building Sites Tip #3: SiteBuilder.com
SiteBuilder.com is without a doubt one of the top website building sites for a reason.  When you signup with them, you get one email account plus the cost of your domain name is included in the price. While they advertise around $5 a month, but you can get the website for an entire year for as low as $60 which is a great value when compared to other top website building sites. They offer over a 1000 templates and an interface that is easy to use and good customer support including live chat.

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Top Website Building Sites Tip #4: Weebly.com
Weebly.com is another well-known source among the top website building sites out there.  While many people love using Weebly, in my opinion, there are simply better options out there for less money.  For starters, they offer 80 themes which aren’t horrible to look at, but many of the other sites that I compared Weebly to just had better themes from my perspective.   Second, the price is a tad steep.  If you want just a simple eCommerce store with 25 products it will run you about $24 a month to get started, about $150 a year.  However, you do get free email and instant setup and activation.  At least that’s a plus in their favor.

Top Website Building Sites Tip #5: BoldGrid.com
BoldGrid.com is a good website building, but compared to other options that I have tried throughout the years, there are others I simply prefer more than this one.  One plus though is that they offer over 3000 templates that use WordPress, which means they are highly customizable.  To get started, it can cost between $4-5 a month, which is a bargain. The price of the domain is included and you get unlimited email accounts, and the ability to setup an eCommerce store, which not all of them offer.

Top Website Building Sites Tip #6: Doodlekit.com
Doodlekit.com reminds me of a friend of mine who is currently on the job market.  She is looking for a job and hasn’t kept her skills up-to-date and then is complaining that she can’t find anything even though she has experience.  When it comes to top website building sites, I wouldn’t personally place Doodlekit into that category.  Their themes are outdated and it is far too expensive to get started.  Plus, it can take several days to get your website online.  So much for instant account activation!

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Which of the top website building sites have you used?  What have been the results? Are there any tips you can share with our audience? We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts below!