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Halloween is the season of autumn leaves and apples; candy and costumes; parties and pumpkins. Unfortunately, Halloween is also the night when the risk of drunk driving, vandalism, and burglary are slightly increased. If you’d like to decrease your chance of being a victim of Halloween vandalism, read the following tips to ensure that your Halloween is filled with more treats than tricks:


Many vandals target cars for pranks such as egging, saran wrapping, or spray painting. Depending on the area in which you live, you have three options to best protecting your car.

  • Basic Precaution: If you usually leave your car doors unlocked, you may want to lock your doors on Halloween night. This simple action can deter would-be troublemakers from planting stink bombs or stealing your CD’s
  • Minor Alert: Maybe you live in an area where you park on the street. Street-parked cars can be targeted for drive-by egging or spray-painting. Protect your car by parking it in your garage overnight. If you don’t have a garage, simply moving your car behind your house or leaving it at your office can prevent a messy situation. Remember, as with most things, “out of sight” equates to “out of mind.” If vandals can’t see the target, there isn’t one.
  • Code Red: In the case that the first two levels of protection aren’t enough, comprehensive insurance protects your car from theft, fires, and general vandalism, like spray painting. Check with your provider to see what coverage you currently have.


Halloween vandals target lawns for pranks such as toilet papering or putting forks in the yard.

  • Basic Precaution: When you pass out candy, sit on your porch rather than sitting inside. Tricksters will be less likely to bother your lawn if they know you’re watching them. Also, you can invite your neighbors over to pass out candy to make the evening more fun. What child doesn’t like extra candy?
  • Minor Alert: Installing motion sensor lights around your yard is a good investment any time of the year. In general, if you’re coming home at a late hour, having the extra lighting around your home is convenient and increases your security. On Halloween night, the lights could scare off vandals who don’t want to be caught in the act.
  • Code Red: Play your own trick by hiding behind a tree in your yard and spraying vandals with the garden hose.


Since Halloween night brings a slightly increased risk of theft or burglary, you can protect yourself with the following tips.

  • Basic Precaution: If you usually leave your children’s toys outside overnight, be sure to bring them in on Halloween night to prevent theft.
  • Minor Alert: Perhaps you’re someone who doesn’t want to pass out candy on Halloween. Shutting off all noticeable lights and pulling down your blinds can prevent attacks from trick-or-treaters who may be angry that you aren’t participating.
  • Code Red: Install a house alarm. Like motion sensor lights, investing in a house alarm system increases your security and can scare off would-be burglars from robbing your home.

If in any capacity the Halloween “tricks” or “pranks” become threatening or damaging, never hesitate to call the police. The following tips are good precautions, but you should use common sense if a situation turns dangerous.