It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Friends, Family, pumpkin pie and hot chocolate are just a few things that make the holidays memorable. While you’re out shopping for gifts anticipating time spent with relatives, don’t forget about your coworkers! Regardless if your office is doing a ‘Secret Santa’ or not, recognize their efforts. After all, they’ve had your back all year long and helped you time and time again. A holiday gift to your co-worker is a great way to spread holiday cheer around your office for all to feel! Here are the top 5 gift ideas for your coworkers:

1. Coffee bundle

For all those who are dependent on caffeine to remain energized, give the gift of focus with a coffee themed bundle. There are tons of coffees out there so make sure you know which one your coworker likes best. You can even bundle the coffee with a mug or Tervis to cap off this jittery gift.

Santa Secret: For more gift ideas for your coworkers, consider themed bundles. For example, a movie gift card with popcorn or a sports bundle with a T-shirt and decals for their desk!

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2. The Mouse

There’s a new mouse in town. Most mice these days are wireless which is a liberation from traditional wire mice. However, a vertical mouse is the wave of the future. The vertical mouse was designed to be less strenuous on your hand and wrist so you can work the day pain-free! Consider this gift for anyone who works at their computer constantly or complains of muscle fatigue because of their current mouse.

Santa Secret: Add a mouse pad of their favorite animal or sports team logo for the perfect combo!

3. Quote Calendar

Everyone could use a motivational or inspiring quote to begin the workday. Tear-away quote calendars are the gift that keeps on giving every morning. There are tons of these available for purchase online or in store.

Santa Secret: Add a greeting card and write an inspirational or punny quote of your own on it which you and your coworker can relate to.

4. Trashcan Basketball Hoop

We all know that one all-star trash can shooter in the office. Turn their basketball dreams into an office reality with a trashcan basketball hoop! This simple gift can boost morale with office engagement. Your coworkers will look forward to draining buckets of trash each and every day!

Santa Secret: For the best reaction, have the hoop already set up before they come into the office with crinkled up paper on your coworker’s desk.

5. Decorate!

Want to surprise a coworker? Come into work early one morning and decorate his or her office or cubical. There are tons of low-cost lights and party decorations out there. The best gift, however, will be the surprised reaction of your coworker when he or she sees the workspace transformed into a festive winter wonderland!

Santa Secret: For those who aren’t into decorating, prank your coworkers by wrapping their desks and chairs!

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