Insurance agencies have sure increased their marketing in the last few years. It seems as soon as you’ve come home from work and flipped on the tv, three commercials featuring different insurance agencies play right in a row– and your kids are singing along to each one! Insurance sales companies of all sizes have quickly caught on to the trend and are becoming recognizable from their own series of catchy commericals. While some companies scrimp and save to compete with their best commercials once a year during the Superbowl, insurance agencies take the competition one step further by competing amongst each other in a daily struggle for your attention. Below we at Blitz have found the top 10 characters from insurance commercials. Who do you think would win a national popularity contest?

1. Erin (Esurance)

Esurance broke out their pink-haired heroine, Erin, in 2004. Commercials portrayed Erin as a special agent, riding motorcycles, fighting bad guys, and repelling from ceilings, as she brought customers the best deals.

2. The General (The General Auto Insurance)

As annoying as this mascot may be, his commercials on Youtube have some fairly high hits. And you can’t deny that his jingle is catchy.

3. Cavemen (Geico Insurance)

In 2004, Geico debuted the Geico Cavemen. The commercials featured Geico’s tagline, “So easy, a caveman could do it.”

4. Mayhem (Allstate Insurance)

Allstate’s most recent spokesperson is the character Mayhem, played by Dean Winters. Mayhem is the 1st villainous character on this list. He recommends Allstate insurance to “avoid mayhem, like me.”

5. The Duck (Aflac Insurance)

Since 2000, Aflac has been represented by an easily flappable duck. Advertisers for the insurance company thought that “Aflac” sounded like a duck quack, and thus the web-footed mascot was born.


6. The World’s Greatest Spokesperson (Nationwide Insurance)

In 2010, Nationwide announced actor and comedian Bob Wiltfong as their newest spokesperson. Nationwide’s commercials with Wiltfong feature him holding his trademark blue phone and speaking to Nationwide clients in an interview setting.

7. Flo (Progressive Insurance)

Friendly spokesperson Flo has been featured in Progressive commercials since 2008. She is played by actress and comedian Stephanie Courtney, who’s also appeared in a recurring role on Madman, and a role in the movie, Blades of Glory.


8. Dennis Haysbert (AllState Insurance)

Dennis was the Allstate spokesperson starting in 2003. Well known for his distinctive deep voice, Haysbert’s character was retired in 2008.


9. Professor Nathaniel Burke (Farmers Insurance Group)

So maybe you can’t remember this character’s name, but you definitely should remember actor J.K. Simmons from his role as the brusque J. Jonah Jameson in the Spiderman series featuring Tobey Maguire. Simmons appears in Farmers’ commercials as Professor Nathaniel Burke of the University of Farmers. Commercials show him teaching his students through a number of hands-on learning experiences.


10. Gecko (Geico Insurance)

The Geico Gecko is presumably one of the most well-known insurance spokespeople. Appearing on home televisions since 1999, Geico’s Cockney-accented lizard has drawn fans of all ages.