Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t convince a person to buy?  Where did you go wrong?  Of course, we all have.  Sometimes small and simple changes that you may not even notice can make a big difference.  Below are 4 ways to avoid derailing a potential sale:


1. Stop talking.  One of the top ways to lose a sale is by putting your foot in your mouth.  Let the customer talk and ask good questions.  Listen and give good and to the point answers.  Boring them with irrelevant information isn’t helping anyone, and it may confuse or irritate your potential new customer.


2. Actions speak louder than words.  The customer is going to remember about 10% of what you say, and 90% of how you say it.  Be enthusiastic.  Use examples to paint them a picture.  Having a good conversation is key to developing trust and rapport.


3. Adjust your attitude.  If you walk into a meeting expecting to fail, you probably will.  A common mistake is to hand the prospect an objection without even realizing it.  Don’t say “Would you like to purchase now, or would you like to think about it?”  Most of the time, by adding the option to say no, the person is going to say no.  Try, “Which product are you interested in today?”  When discussing features or benefits, do not bring up anything negative unless they ask (or you are legally obligated to).


4. Make it urgent.  Adding a sense of urgency to purchasing will save you time and effort in the long run.  Offer an “Act Now” promotion if they sign up within a timeframe, or give them a reason to not wait any longer.  Also, in general you will want to gauge how long every prospect will be taking to make a decision to help prioritize for lead nurturing.