Have you been in a sales slump lately? Or does the news that professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. makes a few more million than you got you down?  We have just the cure. Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software presents… drum roll please… the Nine Funniest Sales Scenes from the Big Screen! Here are a few top salespeople of the cinema who rose to sales stardom using some rather surprising strategies.

We guarantee the following scenes will have you out of your slump in no time. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

1.) Tommy Boy- Already Chris Farley has the audience cringing with his opening statement, “What I’m trying to say is, our new break pads are really cool.” It’s a wonder he isn’t thrown out of the office before building the mini bonfire on the man’s desk.

2.) Boiler Room- Good to know that the caller has his telemarketing lead lists straight; however he could take a lesson from the sales specialist at the other end of the line. I’m sure no cold call ever gave you such constructive criticism.

3.)Up- Ok, so this one isn’t entirely about sales. But, it’s definitely a pitch, and an adorable one at that. Who wouldn’t want to be assisted by such a determined little boy?

4.) Crazy People- In this movie an advertising executive suffers a nervous breakdown. He designs a set of ads that promote products from a more realistic point of view. If only car sales were this honest!

5.) Serendipity- Here is one salesman who doesn’t give up the goods so easily. Everything comes with a price tag.

6.) Analyze That- Ex-convict Paul Vitti (Robert De Niro) tries his luck selling cars. This mafia man should really practice his people skills first.

7.) O Brother Where Art Thou- Big Dan Teague (John Goodman) delivers a striking lesson on Bible sales in this comedic classic from 2000.

8.) Planes, Trains and Automobiles- Quick thinking salesman (John Candy) uses his sharp sales skills to buy his ticket home.

9.) Matilda- What’s worse than a mafia salesman? A crooked one. Danny DeVito, as Mr. Wormwood, sleazes it up by selling low quality cars to the unsuspecting public.