Do you use the same sales closing techniques over and over again? Try these top broker suggestions to seal your next deal!


All parties involved in a sale influence how the process develops. Some sales close easily, while others require using specialized sales closing techniques to get the customer to sign on the dotted line.

Before worrying about your closer, have you first identified your customer’s needs and addressed each one? No techniques will help unless you’ve built trust with your customer and presented a response for every concern they might have.

Once you’ve set the foundation for a great sale, it’s time to go in for the close. As the terms of each sale can vary, various strategies are used to address potential challenges in the sale process. Consider these sales closing techniques when trying to seal the deal.

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Sales Closing Techniques: Bundle the Deal

Sometimes, the only thing holding a customer back from making a purchase is that she doesn’t see the value in the product you’re offering. Adding a product of less value into the sale – even if it changes the overall price – is one way to get a customer to understand value in a different light.

If you watch American Pickers, a television show on the History Channel, you may have noticed that picker Frank Fritz employs this closing technique regularly. What can you offer your customer that will make them finalize the deal, but represent little to no investment on your part.

Would it be adding a small product or even small percentage of a discount for a limited time?

Sales Closing Techniques: Value Their Opinion

All customers want to feel as if their opinions and needs are considered during the sales process. Do you feel you’re getting close to closing, but can’t quite identify if your customer is ready?

Try asking her opinion. If you were to say, “In your opinion, would increasing the coverage to your insurance policy resolve your concerns?” you may find out more than you expect from the customer. It may be that your customer is prepared to sign, or you might hear an objection about the policy change.

Remember, an objection is still an opinion. If you value their opinion and address it with facts, you’ll likely be able to make the close at that time. This is a great way to feel out your customer without putting any pressure on them.

Sales Closing Techniques: List Pros and Cons

If your customer is analytical, consider using a pros and cons list to close the sale. A word of caution – this technique works best if you are assured the pros column will be longer than the cons. Because you can never quite tell which cons are really important to customers, be prepared to address each con with your product’s real benefits.

Sales Closing Techniques: Make Deadlines Clear

Are you using deadlines as a way to close your sale? If there’s a legitimate reason for customers to make a quick decision, such as a sale ending within the week or a limited quantity remaining of a product, use this to guide your customers closer to a decision. Often customers will make quicker decisions if they’re faced with fair deadlines.

Sales Closing Techniques: Ask For and Answer Objections

Have you already gone through the selling process, but the customer still seems hesitant? Be direct! Ask your customer exactly what is holding them back.

You might hear them address concerns that they’ve already mentioned. Take your time to explain, even if you’ve done it before, how you can alleviate their concern. You may also be told an objection that you weren’t even considering.

If your customer takes the time to share her concerns honestly, you’re close to closing the sale. If she weren’t interested, she’d find an excuse to walk away. Here’s where you practice patience and educate her on the benefits of your product.

Sales Closing Techniques: Trust Your Instincts

We’ve all heard what happens when sometimes decides to assume something, but occasionally, a gut feeling is what helps close the deal. Are you close to getting your customer’s signature, but something just seems to be holding her back?

Sometimes, a strong and direct move closes the deal. When I was purchasing my wedding ring, after much negotiation, the salesperson asked me to follow him across the store. He took me to the register where he rung up my ring at 20% off the price we had earlier negotiated. I jumped at the purchase.

Had the pricing not matched my expectations, it would have been a bold move that immediately failed. However, the salesman closed the deal without needing to continue negotiating.

Sales Closing Techniques: Incorporate the Close Into Negotiations

If a customer appears interested but asks for a concession, use this as an opportunity to both meet your client’s needs and get her to close the deal.

If she wants to add something into the deal, such as product delivery, ask, “If I can guarantee free delivery for this order, will you purchase today?” Without adding the closer into the conversation, it’s likely the customer may ask for additional changes to the order or even walk away from the deal.

Sales Closing Techniques: Attempt the Direct Close

One of the best ways to close a deal is to ask directly! After you’re sure you’ve educated your client throughout the sales process and have met her needs, go in for the ask.

“Mrs. Smith, now that we’ve gone over the pricing structure, are you ready to sign?”

Using a yes-or-no question will direct your client to make a decision. While it’s still best to use this technique if you’re feeling confident, a “no” answer isn’t necessarily the end of the conversation. Simply ask your customer what other needs need to be addressed before she will be ready to approve the deal, and work from there.

Are you having trouble closing deals because you need a better client management system?

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What are some of your favorite sales closing techniques? Let us know in the comments section!