lead tracking

As a lead management software, Blitz Lead Manager has a couple tools to help you track leads like an expert. One of these tools is filtering. Filtering is key to helping you quickly locate certain leads. With Blitz’s flexible sales software, you can search, sort, and filter leads by any combination of criteria—even criteria you create. Custom fields allow you to qualify your leads by whatever you’d like, making it simple to prioritize your leads. Some of our clients use custom fields to indicate leads’ birth dates or X-dates so it’s easy for them to compile a lead list based on those categories.

For this reason, searching and filtering for leads not only helps you find a single lead, but also helps you create a new list of leads. For example, if you want to work a campaign of specific leads, you can use the filtering tool in Blitz to target them. Choose your filters, such as zip code or X-date, and then search. Blitz will pull up a list of leads that fit your criteria, allowing you to start working your new list of prospects in seconds.

The filtering tool isn’t just for compiling lead lists. As an administrator, another way you can utilize Blitz’s filtering tool is to investigate if your employees are scheduling appointments for leads. You can filter leads by user and view whether or not the leads have appointments scheduled.

Blitz’s filtering tool lets you track your leads with ease. Breaking down filters into specific categories—even categories you create—gives you flexibility in your lead tracking. Finally, the ability to filter makes prospecting a new lead list simple.

Click here for a step-by-step video on searching for leads using filters.