Here are the sales resources you need to grow!

To be the best all-around insurance agent, you need to have the very best of everything; the best knowledge, tools, staff, and mentorship. In the age of information, there’s plenty of misinformation out there. Who can you trust? Who can you turn to?

We at Blitz work with insurance agents daily and know the best practices every insurance agent needs to succeed and skyrocket their growth to the stars and beyond. Here’s a breakdown of some of the very best sales resources we have found that every insurance agent needs to skyrocket growth.

1. Coaching Tools

First, sales coaching is like coaching sports. You need to monitor the actions of your team and make adjustments to its behavior so the entire team can win. How in tune are you with the daily progress of your sales team? Probably not as much as you should be because you’re busy with other managerial duties and meeting clients of your own.

Imagine if you could receive consistent updates of sales calls and conversations without ever having to listen to EVERY call recording of your team. Notifications of every completed sales call with your representatives’ recorded notes allow you to read firsthand how the call went. Were there any objections that came up? Was there a missed opportunity? Or perhaps not enough calls were made? Live updates from your producers turn you into the head coach leading athletes on the field. If you’re the type who doesn’t like constant notifications, you can view well-prepared reports of every history note from your team any time you want. See the plays, make adjustments, and win.

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2. Referral Help

Next, everyone knows that referrals are the golden key to growing your book of business. Creating a concise referral strategy is the first step to generating referrals. Make sure you have a rewards program in place to reward your employees and customers. Also, if you consistently remind your staff about the program, mentioning it will become second nature to them.

One way you can generate referrals in your sleep is to use a web form across all forms of your marketing. For example, you can use a web form in posts on social media, your website, and even automated email marketing to ask for a referral.

3. Hurdle Objections

Third, objections aren’t overcome overnight. It takes consistent practice and adjustments to master the art of objection handling. Sometimes objections are a result of catching a prospect at the wrong time. If you’re selling insurance over the phone, be sensitive to their time. You will always encounter classic objections like, “I’m not interested,” or, “I can’t afford it.”

Encourage objectors to tell you more as to why they feel this way. This allows them to speak, and by listening, you can get to the heart of their true objection. Sometimes it’s just a matter of misconception or skepticism. Once you identify the true objection, confirm their objection and provide your response. For more great tips on objection handling, check out this sales resource: How to Overcome Objections in Insurance Sales: A Hero’s Guide.

4. Writing Emails and Email Marketing

Fourth, typing emails is often tedious, time-consuming, and leads to decreased productivity. To combat this, many professionals within the industry use premade email templates to send their emails as they complete sales follow-up tasks throughout the day. Or better yet, you can choose to automate all emails sent on your behalf or those of your sales producers.

These can be done for email tasks like a quote follow-up or even drip marketing campaigns like cross-selling. They also can be used as a tool for referral generation. Be sure to monitor all emails with reporting to ensure they are being opened and not marked as spam. Sales resources that help with your email marketing allow you to save valuable time so that you can spend more time out of the office meeting clients and growing your book.

5. Robust Sales Software

As you build your prospects list from lead providers, lead lists, and referrals, organizing it can become a challenge. You will likely want to know which lead sources you’re seeing an ROI from. Sales software is a simple solution to these problems and more. When all leads are well-organized and you have a follow-up process, the sales start flowing. One sales software, Blitz, can ease all your follow-up and marketing activities and track lead ROI.

Anything from a quote follow-up reminder, an email, or even a requote campaign can be automated. Sales software will ensure that zero leads are left behind or forgotten. Also, as a manager, you’ll want to ensure that your staff is staying on task making calls and scheduling appointments. Daily reports within the software give you the intelligence you need to know this is happening. Before too long, you’ll need to move to another office to accommodate all the growth!

6. Reliable Phones

Finally, nothing kills a sales team’s productivity like unreliable and outdated phone service. In today’s competitive world of selling insurance, you can never afford your team to be down or have subpar sales resources. Many insurance agencies and groups are turning to mobile phone apps in addition to their phones in the office. These mobile apps allow producers to never miss a beat and take calls on the go without ever having to provide their personal cell phone number to clients. They can also give managers the power to monitor the progress of their team with calls whether they’re made from an office phone or mobile phone.

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Are you ready for liftoff?

Load up your rocketship with some of these awesome sales resources to skyrocket growth in your agency. Once you’re off, you can sit back and cruise through the galaxy as your business achieves universal growth. But to get off the ground, you’ll want to click here and schedule a free demo of Blitz Sales Software. Then you’ll be ready for your journey. What other sales resources have you found to be necessary for achieving growth? Drop us a comment below!