Do your insurance sales software or sales tools need a boost? Blitz can help.

As we all know, the world of insurance is always changing.  One industry change you can always expect is a change in technologies. Are you up to date with the tools and insurance sales software your agency needs to be both effective and efficient?  If you aren’t using our great insurance sales software and these other great tools, then you’re really missing out.  Here’s what you should be using at your agency:

Sales Software from Blitz

The most important tool in an insurance agent’s arsenal should be Blitz Sales Software. Blitz Sales Software is a cloud-based sales and sales management system that automates sales follow-up activities when working with leads, referrals, clients, and past clients.  Blitz Sales Software provides so many benefits for insurance agencies that listing them all here would take too long.  Visit our website to see for yourself how Blitz works.  When you’re ready to take the next step, schedule a demo 

A Good Website

With times and technology being what they are, chances are you already have a website.  But when was the last time you updated your site?  Does your website automatically resize on mobile phones and tablets, also referred to as a responsive website, to provide a more seamless communication experience for your customers?  Having a website and having a good website is sadly not often the same thing.  Your site should provide a clear value proposition for your customers and be structured to allow your website to be easily found by search engines.  If you want to build the online presence of your insurance agency, your website is a good place to start.

lead-managerlead-manager Do you want to generate more leads and close more deals? Blitz helps you to nurture relationships and win more customers with automated sales follow up! Schedule a free demo and we’ll show you how our software can increase efficiency and improve sales at your company!

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Email Marketing

While Blitz has powerful email tools for sales follow-up, if you want to do more traditional advertising, then you may want to consider enhancing Blitz with another email marketing platform.  Email marketing can benefit virtually any business and is very useful if you sell insurance.  Because the commissions on most insurance policies decrease after the first year, you shouldn’t stop after selling a policy.  Upselling, cross-selling, and email marketing can be helpful when reaching out to existing customers, as well as to contact new sales leads.

An Insurance Blog

Over the years, you’ve probably heard people talk about blogs.  If your company has one and updates it on a regular basis, then you know how powerful it can be in generating website traffic and increase page ranking on search engines.  However, if this isn’t something your insurance agency is doing, then you might want to give it another look. If you’re unsure if you will have enough content, consider this idea.  View the top insurance news websites and then create short blog posts with your reaction to a particular article. You can then link to the full article.  This will demonstrate thought leadership, which is important for those customers that need to be nurtured to buy additional policies.

lead-managerlead-manager Use Blitz to boost your sales and marketing efforts with our easy-to-use software! Blitz is reasonably priced, and is packed with the tools your company needs most! Contact us today to schedule a free demo and we’ll discuss with you how easy it is to get started!

If you use our software, what tips and tricks do you have to offer those working in the insurance industry?  Our readers would love to hear from you.  Please share your thoughts with us by commenting below.