Support your business like never before with modern insurance technologies.

Insurance technologies can support your business, but have you ever wondered how they can specifically help your agency boost sales? Well, there are actually a lot of ways that modern tech can assist your insurance agency in boosting sales! Communication channels like emails and phone calls, along with effective follow up software, lets your sales team provide better customer service and resources, which boosts sales. Here are just a few specific ways that insurance technologies can increase your sales revenue:

1. Digitize all pertinent customer information.

It simply isn’t possible for you to remember everything. That’s where insurance technologies come in. Software can help jog your memory so you don’t forget a single vital detail. So, put down the pen and get out your keyboard or phone. Having all of your information in a software application will help you track when to follow up with your customers so that you can close more deals.

2. Use sales follow-up as your secret weapon.

Insurance technologies help you to work smarter, not harder. Once your customer information is digitized, software will help you to not only maintain your data but also help you to set up reminders for your customers about policy renewals and create data collecting forms. Insurance technologies like Blitz make follow-up easier, which can lead to closing more deals because you have the time to reach more customers in meaningful sales activities each month.

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3. Get to know your clients and make sure you understand them.

When you are in a relationship, it’s important that you know who your partner is, what your partner needs, and how you can support them to increase their happiness and personal growth. Dealing with your clients is really no different when you think about it. Get to know what their pain points are, what they need, and how your insurance agency can help. Gather all of the details you have learned and then, with some assistance from insurance technologies, create meaningful sales follow up conversations that generate results.

4. Connect and engage with customers on social media.

Insurance technologies aren’t only software! These days, social media can be an effective tool to communicate with your clients. For those of you who do not have the time or resources to write your own blog posts, fear not. You can still use social media to increase brand awareness and better engage those in your sales pipeline. Make a list of all the online resources that provide real-time insurance news and information. Follow them on social media and then share or retweet their posts with a comment pertaining to its importance and use appropriate hashtags. Your customers will find the information you provide helpful and insightful.

5. Make accessing policy information easy (but secure).

Long gone are the times when having a mobile-friendly website, a customer portal, or a mobile app for iPhone and Android devices made you a trendsetter. This shift in customer expectations means that online communication portals are not only expected but often a preferred method of retrieving customer information. So, consider providing your customers live chat on your website, giving them access to an online insurance rate calculator, or the enabling them to retrieve policy information or automobile ID cards through a secure but simple customer portal or mobile app. This is all possible with the latest insurance technologies, like Blitz.

There are a lot of insurance technologies there to help your company, which is why we want to help. You’re invited to sign up for a free demo or request your free trial today and try Blitz for yourself. Once you give Blitz Sales Software a try, we are confident that your agency will appreciate how it can help increase your long-term growth.

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How has your business increased sales using insurance technologies? Please post your stories and post your comments below.