Financial adviser lead generation can jumpstart your business.

Prospecting for new sales leads is important but is one of the top challenges financial businesses face. Financial adviser lead generation is essential to ensure you keep enough prospects in your pipeline. For many salespeople, prospecting is the toughest part of selling. Simply put, it’s hard to find the right customers and then get in front of them to prove that they should work with you above your competitors. But for those of you who want to increase your lead generation, we have some useful and effective tips you need to make your business thrive:

1. Don’t let fear kill your success

Mention prospecting to some financial advisers and a shiver runs down their spine. Sales prospecting is one topic that can make even proven veterans fearful. Many financial advisers avoid it because of the fear of rejection. While this is understandable, there is a lot that you can do before your next call or meeting to calm your nerves.

A good place to start is to always prepare for upcoming conversations with customers. Consider their perspective. Think of what they may ask you about yourself or the company. With practice and preparation, you’ll grow in confidence and be prepared to overcome any obstacle. And if you still don’t like prospecting, think of ways to use positive reinforcement to make your financial advisor lead generation task a positive one instead of a chore that you dread.

2. Track your numbers

As a salesperson, you should keep track of how many customers you called in a workday. Likewise, you should also monitor how many of those calls result in conversations or an appointment. We all know that life can be unpredictable, and so can business. However, by carefully tracking how many phone calls you make to reach a new client, you can accurately estimate how many calls you’ll need to make to reach your income targets each quarter and year. This process can be empowering and motivate you to reach your goals.

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3. Form strong alliances with referral partners

Networking is an important part of financial adviser lead generation. Why? Well, because by forming and maintaining effective relationships with referral partners you can increase your number of sales prospects. Referral partners may be insurance agents (only for those of you who don’t do insurance), CPA’s, and even estate attorneys.

While strategic alliances take time to form, if you’re committed to maintaining them they can be an asset when generating higher revenue levels for your business. Even just a few leads from your strategic partners can increase your business. True relationships – just like friendships – can’t be forced and take time to grow. So be prepared for the long haul.

4. Volunteer in your community

When you don’t have a big budget for financial adviser lead generation, you may need to think creatively. As stated earlier in this article, a large part of effective sales prospecting is meeting more people. Volunteering allows you to meet a variety of people in the community where you live and where your business is seeking more customers. Join financial industry organizations and groups to meet like-minded people. This will allow you to share stories, information, and tips for success. But keep in mind that volunteering or joining a group should not be primarily about growing your business. Find a cause that you care about and help to raise money, funds, or awareness for the cause nearest and dearest to your heart.

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5. Finally, use Blitz sales software to increase your revenue

Blitz sales software automatically schedules follow-ups to keep you in front of referrals, leads, clients, and past clients. As requests from referrals and leads come into the Blitz financial adviser CRM, emails, phone calls, or text messages can immediately notify reps. Website leads from web forms can come directly into the software. Once these web leads are in the Blitz financial adviser CRM, they’re automatically assigned to a rep and become part of the automatic follow-up process.

Strong financial adviser lead generation means having the tools you need to find more customers. If your goal is higher revenue numbers, then Blitz can help. Contact us for your free trial or schedule a demo.

What suggestions and methods have worked best for your financial adviser lead generation? Please share your stories and post your questions by commenting below.