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When it comes to lead management, Blitz helps you leave your competition in the dust


Blitz makes it easy to speed through leads right from the start.

Installation is simple. Since Blitz sales follow-up systems are web-based, all you need to install are your browser and Internet connection. The pay-as-you-go service means that there are no long-term contacts or commitments: just pay for the service on a monthly basis when you use it. Blitz doesn’t restrict the number of leads you can manage either, living up to its promise of exceptional lead management. We’re so confident that you’ll see our edge in lead management that we offer a 30-day trial period so you can test the system out for yourself. Blitz’s dedication to customer service means that our helpful staff is available at any point during the installation process via phone or email.

Sign-in to the system is available right on the main website. Blitz gives you the option to use either the website or mobile sign-in, allowing you to view your leads from wherever you are on whatever device you choose. If you ever forget your password you can easily discover it with our hassle-free password recovery feature.

Right away you are taken to Blitz’s front page. The professional layout is entirely customizable to your needs. Simply drag and drop links to view leads, opportunities, and appointments in any arrangement. Organizing your leads by status lets you know which leads to contact first. A Quick Start Guide and training videos are also available so you can start importing and tracking your leads right from start up. Check out our website for additional resources. BlitzTV offers training videos to teach you the basics, while Blitz Blog gives you the inside details on updates and sales techniques.

Blitz provides you with all the tools you need to track leads in little to no time. Our integration with many web lead providers allows for leads to be automatically imported. You can find a list of our partner’s on our partner’s page. We work hand-in-hand with our partners to allow for real-time leads to automatically come into Blitz’s system—saving you the time of having to manually import your Internet leads. Another timesaving feature is Blitz’s lead pop feature. Lead pop is a VoIP technology that reads incoming calls and automatically opens the corresponding lead log within Blitz. It gives you access to the lead’s information right when you need it—eliminating any confusion or delays within the call.

With our simple installation, no nonsense login, customizable front page, and unique lead management features, Blitz ensures that you’ll never sacrifice quality lead management for quantity.