Grow your business with these proven software sales management methodologies.

Sales are essential for company growth.  Without higher revenue and increased market share, a business can become stagnate and the employee could become unhappy with the direction of the organization.  Software sales management methodologies can help you measure and scale success to build stronger and more lasting relationships with your customers and your sales team. To help get you started, here are our top recommended software sales management methodologies.

Tip #1: Use “SPIN” Selling
“SPIN” stands for Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need-Payoff.  This method allows the salesperson to ask questions so they can uncover the buyer’s unique situation, pain points, and the impact of those pain points are for their company.  Through good communication and skillful automated follow-up, software sales management is made easier for everyone on your team.

Tip #2: Use Target Account Selling
Software sales management empowers your team to leverage this method to encourage sales growth. Target account selling uses your sales software to break down larger deals into smaller components. Automated workflows allow trained members from your team to leverage this concept into tangible revenue growth.

Tip #3: Use Value Selling
Value selling is a concept that was made for sales and marketing software like Blitz.  While this process does require some documentation, it allows you to map a process that helps move the customer down the sales funnel. Build a process that allows your team members to sharpen their skills and better understand their customer’s needs.

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Tip #4: Use Solution Selling
The basic idea is that you don’t sell a product you sell a solution.  So if someone is looking for a new stove for their kitchen, you don’t try to woo them with all the great features of your company’s stove.  Instead, you determine what they need in a stove that their current stove isn’t providing them and then offer them a solution to their problem that they can afford.

Tip #5: Use Customer Centric Selling
This software sales management method involves turning your potential customer into a collaborative partner. When executing this sale method, your staff becomes a trusted advisor to the customer.  However, successful execution is dependent on the customer’s behavior which can be at times tricky. This method allows customers to review and analyze the product or service so they can see the full benefit of what your company has to offer them for themselves.

Tip #6: Use Conceptual Selling
Conceptual selling focuses on the buying process and managing the stakeholders at an organization. Software sales management methodologies like this rely on convincing your sales lead of a concept that the solution represents instead of the trying to sell them on the benefits of a particular product or service.

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What software sales management methods have helped you grow your business? We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts below!