Do you use Robo Agent First Impressions, and would like to quote one lead individually?  With Robo’s Virtual Terminal, leads can be quoted one at a time and dropped into Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software automatically with the quote attached.  To enable and utilize this integration, follow the steps below:

  1. If you are new to First Impressions or Blitz, link your Blitz account with your First Impressions account.  Click here for instructions.
  2. In Blitz, Under Administration > Web Lead Setup, click configure to the right of First Impressions.  In the Configuration Options, click the enable checkbox next to RoboVirtualTerm (there is both an auto and life option).  Click Save Settings.
    Optional: Dropdown boxes will appear within the enabled rows.  Select “Round Robin” for the Auto Assign Group—this will allow for leads to be automatically distributed between users in a round robin fashion.  Auto Assign Groups can be customized under Administration > Auto Assign Groups.
  3. To quote a lead, go to http://virtual.robo-agent.com/, enter your agent number, and click Start a Quote.  Fill out the available fields and click Submit Quote.
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Interested in First Impressions?  Learn more here: http://roboagent.net

If you have any questions or need to set up a free training session, contact us at (419) 841-8800 or support@blitzleadmanager.com.