Blitz sales software includes a click to call feature for Lightspeed customers. This feature converts phone numbers from the Lead Log and Lead List pages to links that a user can click on to dial the contact.

Setup instructions:

  1. In Blitz, go to Admin > My Company and locate the VOIP section. Select Lightspeed in the dropdown, enter your VOIP Server (Ex. ******.prismpbx.com) and check the “Enable Click To Call Plugin” checkbox. Click Save on the bottom right.
    Note: All Lightspeed customers receive an email during the sign up process that includes their unique server name (it’s usually your last name.prismpbx.com). If you’re note sure, you can email Lightspeed at help@lightspeedvoice.com.
  2. In Blitz, each user will need to add their Lightspeed login information in the “My Profile” tab under the “VOIP Settings” section. Administrators can edit user’s profiles in Admin > Manage Users by clicking the person icon next to the user’s name.

Using click to call:

On the Lead Log and all Lead Lists the phone numbers are highlighted. Any highlighted phone number can be clicked, which will begin an outbound phone call to that number.