The Blitz sales follow-up software is very powerful in that you can search, sort and filter your lead however you want.  You even have the ability to setup your own custom fields to search, sort and filter on and so the options are endless!  For example, let’s say your an insurance agency, you may have policy expiration date, credit score, birth date and current carrier as some of your custom fields.  When you are doing a search, you could select to pull everything back that has an expiration date of next month and is with a certain carrier.  Another example may be a company that gathers donations.  They may want to bring all leads back within a certain zip code that have contributed in the past.

The ability to search, sort and filter criteria is very critical for companies as you are doing targeted calls, emails, mailings, etc.  The Blitz sales follow-up software is structured for any business as it allows you to setup these custom fields for any campaign that you choose.  It’s possible that you have a campaign for certain prospects that you are trying to acquire.  You may another campaign that is more geared toward recruiting new employees for your organization.  Blitz allows you to vary your campaigns based on who you may be targeting.  Check out the video for step by step instructions on “Searching Leads”.

What happens when you are not looking to pull back a list of leads based on certain criteria but rather to just find a particular lead?  The same strategy can be used to filter on a name, phone number, custom field or any combination of things.  In addition you can use another feature within Blitz called the “Lead Quick Search”.  This option can be found in the upper right hand corner of this sales lead management software.  This gives you the ability to enter in part of a name, a phone number, email address, contact name to quickly search your entire database for that lead.  This is a very useful feature when you get a call into the office and you want to just find that prospect or customer within Blitz.  This way, you can pull the lead up and update them based on the conversation. Users also like the fact that when they just need to update a lead quickly to “sold” they don’t have to click everywhere but rather just enter part of the lead name and find the prospect.

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