Spending too much time building client lists? Here are 7 sales prospecting tools to find, contact, and land the deal faster.

The entire game of prospecting has transformed in the past few years. There are uber amounts of tools and apps available for the average salesperson. Not only can you find people faster, but now tools make lightning fast calculations on who can introduce you.

Still buying lists and fingering through the phone book? Didn’t think so.

The best part is that software companies have created sales prospecting tools at every step: list building, email capturing, and research. It’s heaven on earth for the savvy, modern-day sales rep.

sales prospecting tools

3 Steps and 7 apps to make lead generation dreamy

Step 1: choosing your audience and gathering detailed info (making lists, of course!)

Take just a minute researching these tools, and you’ll see how many are available. We’ve done you a favor by listing the ones that we (and many other CRM experts) believe are the most reliable.

1. LinkedIn 

They don’t call it the world’s largest professional network for no reason. This tool is a must have for salespeople. It’s an easy, user-friendly way to prospect and see exactly how you’re connected. But there are a ton of features that tend to get looked over.

Hint: signing up for the premium service unlocks a treasure chest of useful sales prospecting tools. More and more, LinkedIn is positioning itself as the one-stop-shop for sales prospecting.

2. LimeLeads 

This data search company has quickly made a name for itself in the online space. They aim to prove just how exact their process is for extracting accurate information. What sets them apart (and adds to their confidence) is the ability to preview your results before purchasing. Most list building companies only give you a blurry picture; LimeLeads gives it all with a crystal clear view.

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3. Association websites

This method is a little more “old school,” but that doesn’t tarnish its usefulness. If you have a particular market you’re targeting, it’s a smart idea to search for associations in those industries. These groups usually have lists of their participants, event details, and contact information. The best part? It’s usually free!

Step 2: Finding a way to get your foot in the door

Besides sending a message via LinkedIn to your new prospects, email is still the go-to strategy. Finding emails is easier than ever now. Plus, tools provide real-time insights into how your prospecting emails are performing.

4. Hunter 

If there’s one thing most desirable in sales prospecting tools, it’s ease of use. We have a lot of emails to send out. And there’s a lot of competitive tools available. That’s why we included Hunter. It’s super easy.

Type in the web address of the company and…voila! Hunter lists all of the known email address associated with that business. It also includes verifiable resources to cross check, just in case.

5. Tout App 

Email targeting becomes another animal with Tout App. They’ve integrated so many different features, it’s difficult to list them all. But, the most eye-catching tool is the real-time engagement tracking. Want to know if your email was read? Done. How long did they spend reading it? Now you know. They also seamlessly match up with most CRM software on the market.

Step 3: Know your prospect inside-out and find the path of least resistance

You may have found their information online. You may have read through LinkedIn profiles and made notes on background info. But do you know the details that you need to nail the meeting? Did you forget to dig deeper? Don’t worry.

6. Charlie

It’s difficult not to gawk at the service this sales prospecting tool provides. Instead of manually searching for your prospect’s information online (and we’re talking beyond social media), now you can just type their name and get a full report. Charlie scrolls the web and lists all of the pertinent information about your prospect and their business. It’s an easy way to stand out and prove you’ve “done your research” ahead of time.

7. Conspire

Unique is the first word that comes to mind with this tool. What it does: finds the best way to get introduced to someone you wish to meet. Conspire automatically maps out how you’re connected and who is the best person to introduce you. It uses all of its data on known relationships and connects you incredibly fast.

lead-managerAre you losing business because of late follow-ups? Schedule a free demo of our sales follow-up software and see how automation makes sales management easier than ever!

Have more sales prospecting tools to include on this list? Share your favorite prospecting tips with our blog readers!