Stop selling at first if you want strong online sales lead generation.  No, really.

The numbers of sales that are converted based on website conversions can be quite low at times, sometimes as low as 2%.  So that means that for most businesses, the vast majority of your website visitors never buy anything.  That means instead of trying to sell them something up front, we need to be more strategic and first build a relationship with them if we want them to buy.

Start by collecting their email addresses.
People long for valuable content, something that will teach them something, make them better at what they do, or help them to get better in their chosen fields.  You need a strong value proposition and then you need to make your online forms simple and easy to find. Offer them an informative newsletter, to be alerted when new blog posts are posted.  But keep the form, simple – preferably email address only – if you want people to respond.  The more required fields you add, the less likely someone is to fill out the form.

Continue to build a relationship with regular communication.
When I say regular communication, please keep in mind that these communications should have nothing to do at all with sales offers or product promotions.  The idea behind these communications is to demonstrate for your customers and prospects that you understand their pain points and want to help them do their job better.  Create case studies, white papers, information and educational blog posts with original content, and then create emails and distribute them to your leads and customers with weekly,  bi-weekly, and/or monthly communications.

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online sales lead generation

Always have a strong value proposition (and don’t be afraid to share it).
For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of what a value proposition is, it’s that innovation, service, product, or feature that your brand possesses that or makes buying attractive and appealing to customers. Does your software have features for functionality that your competitors can’t match – then don’t be afraid to tout that over and over again.  Does your customer service team go above and beyond to support your customers in ways your competitors do not?  Then collect some testimonials or success stories and share that with your audience.  Find those things that make your business unique and then weave those threads into every customer-facing piece that is created and distributed.

Keep repeating this process over and over.
The work of collecting new sales leads, communicating effectively, and demonstrating a strong value proposition does not stop.  Once you start to have the process down, don’t be afraid to repeat the process over and over again. By working hard with your marketing team to produce fresh and innovative content, you can keep your message from becoming stragment.  And always remember, that hearing how great your products or services are is great.  But hearing that same message from actual customers is even better.  So collect those customer success stories and testimonials and share them prominent if you want to have successful online lead generation at your company.

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