Software Advice, an online resource for CRM software buyers, did a recent survey of 304 CRM users that covered satisfaction, what they plan to invest in, and what they find are the greatest benefits and difficulties implementing their system.  Participants were from a wide range of industries, and used a variety of CRM solutions like Blitz.


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The key findings fall right in line with our philosophy here at Blitz:


“Customer service and marketing automation solutions are the most commonly cited areas for increased CRM technology investment.”

Increasing response time on customer service requests and tasks is a win-win for both your company and the customer.  Customers value quick help, and excellent service keeps your clients around and coming back.  Similarly, saving your staff time can increase overall sales and improve morale by removing labor intensive tasks.  Automating both processes can make a huge difference, and businesses are recognizing this.  By implementing a system like Blitz, businesses can save time and increase retention while doing less work!


“System customization and integration are the most significant challenges, with over 26 percent of CRM users describing each as a ‘major challenge.'”

One of the toughest challenges we find our customers have is simply creating a plan and finding a simple way to implement it.  This is why we see value in working with each Blitz user on developing their sales strategy and building that process directly into their account.  Once it’s initially set up, many of the processes are automated which can lead to improving other challenges in the office, such as user productivity.


“Nearly half access their CRM system on smartphones (48 percent) and/or tablets (45 percent), with 49 percent accessing it on at least three devices.”

With a rapid increase in mobile technology, we are finding a much larger demand for compatible software.  In response, many programs are web based and can be accessed anywhere, on any device.  Blitz’s recently updated mobile site allows users access on the go, with a user friendly interface that makes it easy for quick updates or simply checking your calendar.  Read more about the recent updates in our release notes.

Do you access Blitz on your mobile device?  What challenges do you face when implementing a new program?  Do you feel these statistics are accurate?  Let us know below or in the comments and let’s keep the conversation going!