Here’s why working as an insurance broker could be the best choice for your career.

It has often been said that selling insurance is unlike selling anything else.  When selling a tangible product such as a car or a television set, you can talk about the benefits of your products, why your product is superior to that of a competitor, and offer sales promotions to keep customers interested and buying.  But getting someone excited about purchasing insurance can be a little bit more complicated.  So you might be asking yourself, why is working as an insurance broker such a good idea?

The insurance industry is stable.
The insurance industry has been around for over a hundred years in the United States.  Over the last century, coverage offerings have become more complex and expanded to include coverage for a multitude of risks and coverage types. According to a recent study, over 2 million people in the United States alone are employed as insurance agents.  So a career in the insurance field is a smart bet because insurance is an industry that is here to stay.

The insurance industry can provide solid benefits and a high income.
If one of your stipulations for determining your future career path is based on earning potential, then working as an insurance broker might be just the right fit for you.  Given the technical nature of the field and the need for a well-educated and highly trained staff, it should come as no surprise that many roles in the insurance field offer a highly competitive salary and great benefits.  Plus, many companies in the insurance field will reimburse you for furthering your education.

The insurance industry teaches you marketable professional skills.
As someone who worked in the insurance industry, this is a benefit of working as an insurance broker that cannot be stressed enough.  Working in the insurance industry can be complex at times and teaches you everything from people skills and customer service to public speaking, reporting, analytics, and more.  You can take what you learn from a career as an insurance broker to many places. Being an insurance broker is a smart move if you want to advance your professional career.

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working as an insurance broker

The insurance industry supports your local economy.
When considering work as an insurance broker, the impact that this field has on your local economy may not be one of the first considerations that come to mind.  However, think of it this way:
Every company has risk associated with being in operation.  Without proper insurance, businesses couldn’t be open.  When businesses aren’t open, people can’t work and earn income to support our economy.  Working as an insurance agent helps keep the insurance industry strong and helps support businesses in your area.

The insurance industry has substantial growth opportunities.
As the baby boomer generation ages and begins to retire, numerous employment opportunities are created for those wanting to work in the insurance field.  However, it’s not just a matter of the number of jobs available, it’s also about the expertise you will gain.  Taking the time to learn everything you can about working as an insurance broker will supply you with plenty of opportunities to advance your career down the line.

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