There are many times when you get caught up in daily activities, meetings and other commitments that take you away from prospecting or managing your customers.  The Blitz sales follow-up software is setup to provide email notifications at any time and based on many different activities within the system.  So, even at times you are working on other things, Blitz will update you based on certain happenings.

For example, are you a sales manager?  If you are, you may elect to get email notifications from Blitz only when a lead is marked “sold”.  Another example is if you have a telemarketer and every time you assign the follow up person, that follow up person is notified.  These real-time email notifications are a great way to make sure you know when things are occurring within Blitz.

These lead log notifications will include the contact information on the lead as well as the last history update that was added.  This way a you have the information to contact right at that very time.  It’s great when you have email on your mobile phone as you can click to call.  The email will also include a link for which will take you right to the lead within the system!

There are many other options for getting real-time emails from Blitz.  You could setup your own sales process and have users get emails at any of those different stages.  If you were hiring people and each time it hit the “background” milestone, a certain user would get an email!

The options are endless with these email notifications as this sales prospecting software is customizable to your business and processes.