Get your property noticed with these effective real estate drip marketing ideas.

Real estate is a very unpredictable product and selling it can be tricky.  There are numerous ways to get your property in front of potential buyers including websites, videos, social media and more.  Some researchers have suggested that email marketing, including real estate drip marketing campaigns can be 30-50x more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined. So with that in mind, Blitz has gathered some campaign ideas that we are sure you’ll want to steal for your next campaign.

First, here are some things to keep in mind:
What you are sending: For your real estate drip marketing emails to make sense for the reader, you must have compelling and timely content that matters to them.  Send articles and information that they will want to read, with subject lines that grab their attention and get them to open the email.  Also, note that what you send should always have a direct impact on who is sent your email.

Who you are sending it to: When creating your real estate drip marketing pieces, you should consider your lead generation process.  How do you get leads into your sales funnel for the industry you are contacting? Make sure that what you are sending matches up with who is being sent your marketing content.

When you are sending it: The buying cycle for real estate can be significantly longer than for other services and products. So before your finalize your email deployment workflow for your real estate drip marketing pieces, pause for a moment and make sure that you are sending your communications at a time that makes sense for where that contact is in the buying cycle.

How often you are sending it: Numerous marketing research studies have proven that people do not like being bombarded with marketing emails, even if they are highly targeted drip email marketing.  Most email recipients prefer to get their emails monthly or semi-monthly.  But for real estate drip marketing emails, you can typically send one email per week. However, make sure that the emails are highly targeted with great content or you will risk having them unsubscribe or marking you as a spammer.

Real Estate Drip Marketing: Campaign Idea – Welcome
One of the most basic and smartest ways to get started with real estate drip marketing is to create a welcome campaign.  This campaign would be a series of emails that should use pictures, video, and content marketing to outline who you are and why you are the best choice to either help them find or sell a property. Make your message simple.  But create additional emails in the campaign, if you have the content that showcases blog posts or other articles that your new customer might find interesting.

Real Estate Drip Marketing: Campaign Idea – Testimonials
People like hearing from customers like them who have had success using your product or services.  Generally speaking, people are more likely to believe a brand’s customers than the claims of the brand itself.  Speak to your best customers and get some good quotes from them along with a professional photo.  Then once you have permission to use both the quotes and the photo, start using it on your website and in your drip emails.  Hearing what the customers have to say directly from them can be highly effective and can add to your company’s credibility.

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Real Estate Drip Marketing: Campaign Idea – Special Promotions
Just because you are sending drip emails to someone doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in your sales promotions and special offers.  Sending them an occasional promotional email can’t hurt.  But pay attention to how often you are sending them.  Once a month is fine, but every day is never a good practice for any business.

Real Estate Drip Marketing: Campaign Idea – Bank (but non-religious) Holidays
This campaign idea is optional, but I think is always a nice touch.  Take a look at all of the observed and bank holidays (Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and so forth) – but not any of the religious holidays like Easter and Christmas – and send them a professional but greeting.  However, graphics are what’s important here and not so much the wording.  These should be used as public relations pieces, more than sales pieces.

Real Estate Drip Marketing: Campaign Idea – Ask for a Review
Once someone has become your customer, it might be good to ask them to leave a review or fill out a customer satisfaction survey.  You can use the good reviews to get quotes for your testimonials. Plus, it helps to demonstrate to your customers that you care about their thoughts and impressions of your business.

Real Estate Drip Marketing: Campaign Idea – Let’s Keep in Touch
Once someone has been your customer for a period of time, or have become inactive, it is always a smart move to use real estate drip marketing emails to engage them again in a conversation. You can start with a listing of your most recent properties and ask them contact you, or share with others that might be interested.

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How has your businesses effectively used real estate drip marketing to generate leads and increase revenue? Please share your comments and suggestions with our audience by commenting below!