The most awesome, must-have real estate agent apps for savvy agents who are ready to reach a bigger audience

As a successful real estate agent, you’re constantly on the go! You’re creating listings, planning open houses and meeting with clients. You also go the extra mile to connect with homebuyers wherever they are looking. That’s a lot to keep up with, and it’s why mobile real estate agent apps are key for engaging contacts, following-up and cultivating leads, and keeping some of the best multi-tasking tools within easy access.

Apps aren’t just for your convenience, though. A survey by the National Association of Realtors found that “Eighty-seven percent of millennials and Gen X buyers used an agent, and they were also the most likely to use mobile or tablet applications and mobile or tablet search engines during their search.”

We’ve gathered the best real estate agent apps to help you simplify and streamline every part of the job!

Real Estate agent apps for finding and connecting with new leads

1. Homesnap

Homesnap brings a new level of instantaneous fun and connection to real estate. Recently named “the most addictive real estate app” by HGTV, Homesnap allows users to take a photo of any home nationwide and then receive information on it in real time.

While that’s obviously lots of fun for the homebuyer, Homesnap is also packed with useful metrics and tracking features for agents. Sending private instant messages to a client which are accessible through the app or text notifications delivered to their phone eliminates the frustration of searching through your recent text messages to match numbers with names and properties. When you reach out to clients and leads, the conversation will be connected directly to the properties you’ve discussed!

Homesnap is free for iOS and Android.

2. Houzz

Houzz is renowned social networking app and community with over 35 million unique users per month. It’s a great way to reach new leads like current homeowners who are preparing to list or those in the planning stages who are looking to buy within a couple of years.

A fantastic marketplace for interior design and renovation projects, you can now also set up a free real estate agent profile. Approximately 15 percent of people using Houzz are planning to buy a home in the next two years, and 10 percent of them are planning to build a custom home. Get on their radar with a built-in sense of their style, budget, and preferences or build a lead base with folks who are looking to renovate and flip properties.

Houzz is free for iOS and Android.

3. Open Home Pro

An open house has the power to turn a weekend into a parade of new leads, but planning for one can be quite an organizational feat! Do you ever wish you had an assistant to focus on the details of checking people in and capturing all the relevant information for follow-up? Would you like to focus more on showing the property, making a personal connection and answering all relevant questions? Open Home Pro is a solution for efficiently running the entire show.

Create a digital sign-in sheet for your tablet with customizable questions and export it later for use with your CRM, ensuring you have complete, accurate information for all of your leads. Follow-up is also a breeze with automated email options!

Open Home Pro is free for iOS and Android.

lead-managerlead-managerPro tip: Schedule a free demo today to stay on target with all of the new leads you’ll generate with these awesome apps! 

Real Estate agent apps for attention grabbing listings, images, and tours

4. Videolicious

Let’s face it; quality professional technology is a necessity for today’s top real estate agents. An excellent video tour of a property enhances listings and can easily make the sale! With many video apps available, what sets Videolicious apart is that it was designed for marketing sales and the real estate industry.

Excellent support resources make it easy to learn and make the best of their considerable features. In addition to straightforward video clips, try adding a logo, background music, and feature shots to add professional polish. Turn a video walkthrough into a more complete and compelling sales pitch.

Vidiolicious is free for iOS and Android.

5. Magic Plan

How many times have you been asked about room dimensions during a tour and wished you had a quicker, more accurate answer for a potential buyer? Would you feel better if you could confidently talk about the square footage added by a recent renovation? Could you add value for your sellers by featuring a floor plan directly in a listing?

Magic Plan allows simple pointing and clicking to capture measurements and draw floor plans. Add in objects, notations, and comments to generate professional plans and create work estimates. Additional purchase and subscription features allow you to export plans in a variety of formats for printing and further interaction.

Magic Plan is free for iOS and Android and offers in-app purchases.

6. Dwellr

While on the go, you often need to quickly post listings and pack your descriptions with helpful information about the neighborhood and town. You also need to be prepared to accurately answer questions while you are showing the home and an internet search often turns up outdated facts.

Dwellr, from the US Census Bureau, provides instant, accurate statistics for your current location. Because it uses statistics gathered by the American Community Survey, you can trust that you are sharing up-to-date answers on 40 topics, from taxes to commuting, provided by the people who live there.

Dwellr is free for iOS and Android.

7. Periscope

You may only have a narrow window of time for a showing when your potential buyers have busy schedules. Periscope is a handy video streaming app that allows you to stream live video directly to a client or post to social media platforms.

Now in addition to meeting in person with clients, you can stream a tour directly to them or host a virtual Open House. This gives you a distinct advantage when you’re working with clients who are moving from another city and want to begin their search ahead of time.

Periscope is free for iOS and Android.

Real Estate agent apps for closing the deal and managing the details

8. DocuSign Transaction Room

Docusign, the “the most widely used digital transaction management platform in the world” now has a version made for real estate agents. In a format designed specifically for your transactions, it provides a secure “room” for managing all related documents, contacts, and signatures you need to close the deal. You can integrate it with a standard DocuSign account and also set notifications to track where every deal stands when you are on the go. This is simply one of the best real estate agent apps and a definite “must have!”

DocuSign Transaction Room is free for iOS and Android.

9. Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans

There are many mortgage calculator apps out there, but none that has as many features for use and integration as this one made by Quicken Loans. It’s as easy and intuitive to use as all of their other financial software, making calculations for your paperwork a breeze! It also offers a lot of useful bonus expertise and financial planning strategy that you can access quickly and pass along to your clients, who often have a lot of questions about what to ask a mortgage lender.

Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans is free for iOS and Android.

10. Homekeepr PRO

What if you had the ability to create a customized branded app and a way to deliver expert content marketing, lead management and client follow-up directly to mobile devices? Homekeepr PRO is a one-stop powerhouse app that allows you to put your business into your customer’s pocket. Use it to maintain relationships and grow your referral business by sending clients maintenance reminders and tips for their home. Send out email newsletters, notifications, and posts in one place. Create a resource guide of preferred vendors and colleagues that they can visit. The possibilities to establish yourself as an expert are endless.

Homekeepr PRO if free for iOS and Android and offers in-app purchases.

lead-managerlead-managerPro tip: Schedule a free demo today to stay on target with all of the new leads you’ll generate with these awesome apps! 

Do you have any favorite real estate agent apps that help you simplify your life and rock your business? Leave your recommendations in the comments!