Why Blitz Software’s Automated Sales and Marketing Follow-up Increases Sales – Podcast

Recently, Archie Heinl – Founder and President of Blitz – was a special guest on CRMRadio.today. During the recorded podcast, Archie discussed how Blitz works to increase sales. By automating the company’s follow-up sales and marketing processes, representatives spend more time closing deals and less time trying to manually follow-up.

The interview, hosted by James Obermayer, starts by discussing the statement, “More sales fall through the follow-up crack than are lost in any other manner.” When sales leads are not followed up with properly, they are often lost to another competitor that does a follow-up with them. Automation in your follow-up is very important to help turn the lead into a customer. After the first meeting with a lead, it is important for automatic follow-up to nurture the lead even after they become a customer.

Do you need multiple ways to help improve your follow-up process? Blitz has a workflow feature based on activities and non-activities by employees. Reminders are put on schedules to make a phone call or send a text message. Workflow can also automatically send emails on your behalf at given times. If no contact is made, Blitz’s follow-up plan (workflows) automatically sends an email and schedules a phone call later in the week.  From a manager’s perspective, Blitz allows each administrator to see how each representative is working with their leads and creates sales tracking and pipeline.

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