Finding the best information for financial sales training can be tricky.  But luckily, Blitz is here to help.

Due to regulatory reform, the financial services industry is undoubtedly undergoing a transitional period. New technologies and the mobility of clients are transforming the face of the financial industry. With change comes the need to update the resources, tools, and processes that your company puts in place to succeed.  But we are here to help you grow your business. If you are in the financial industry, here are some great resources for financial sales training.

Here are our top eleven recommended free online training resources to succeed when selling financial services today.

1. HubSpot Sales Blog. If you are not following this blog already, then you are really missing out. This blog has great tips for anyone in sales, and is updated often. The list of topics that this blog post covers is substantial, and provides a wealth of information you can add to your current financial sales training program.

2. Philip Calvert: Professional Speaker on Social Media. Philip Calvert is an expert on social media and how it can be used in the financial services industry. His videos cover the role the Internet plays in keeping consumers informed about personal finance. As a result, the role of financial planners had changed and this resource and help your business keep up. How well is your business adapting to this type of change?

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Financial Sales Training

3. Michael Kitces: A Nerd’s Eye View. Michael Kitces is tech savvy salesman that has great insight into business development and sales training for the next generation of financial advisors. With an active presence on social media and online resources, his website is one to visit and bookmark.

4. Frank Furness: International Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer, and Author. Frank Furness has some great insight on “right brain selling” that can help those people in the financial services industry be successful using a variety of financial sales training methods that you can used whenever you are meeting with clients.

5. Tom Hopkins International: How to Master the Art of Selling. Which Tom’s methods are not intended specifically for those in financial series, there is a lot of great information on how to sell that is more than worth your time. He also offers an array of videos on his YouTube channel that are quite insightful.

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Financial Sales Training

6. Matt Oechsli: Speaker on Sales, Marketing and Performance in Financial Services. Matt Oechsli’s qualifications are quick impressive. He is a best-selling author and public speaker that has assisted those in the financial industry to increase loyalty among their clients and boost sales performance.

7. Richardson: The Power to Sell. Richardson is an internationally recognized sales training and sales performance improvement company. This company provides learning solutions that help change behaviors and enhance the effectiveness of your sales organization. Richardson has some free online sales training videos that cover topics like coaching, sales management, sales dialog, social selling and more, along with numerous guides that are free to download from their website.

8. Jim Carroll: Leading Futurist on Trends and Innovations. Jim Carroll is a keynote speaker on numerous topics that would be of interest to those in the financial services industry. Jim assists organizations in dealing with the future, trends and innovation.  If you are looking for some insight into how to transform your traditional methods into something new to meet the changing trends from consumers and technology demands, then his online videos and resources could be a very useful addition to your financial services training program.

Financial Sales Training

What resources or websites have you visited for financial services training tips and information? We’d love to hear from you! Share your feedback in the comments below!