What’s the toughest part about working in real estate? Lead generation, of course! But your website can change the game and turn leads into clients automatically.

Real estate agents know that the key to their success relies on one thing: building relationships. Networking and direct referrals are your most valuable sources of real estate lead generation. There is no doubt, however, that a strong web presence and an online sales funnel will add to your success.

Where does online strategy start? Your website, the digital doorway to your business. Even referrals will search for you online and view your website before getting in touch. If your site looks outdated, it might prevent them from contacting you. It’s time that real estate agents start utilizing their websites to its fullest lead generating potential.

The bottom line requirements for capturing leads with your website

Home buyers today have high expectations when visiting a website. It’s the first thing they check after responding to an ad, organically searching for local agents, or getting referred. At the very least, they want to see a professional, modern-looking site.


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The first step: make your website available to mobile readers. Why? Because mobile browsing is becoming a driving force in the world. Get ahead of the trend. If your website is not mobile responsive, you will drive away potential leads.

Second: hire a developer to give your user experience an edge over the competition. How do you set yourself apart from the real estate agents in your area? Most have a simple website with bios and lists of accomplishments—that’s to be expected. Having a modern website with a unique graphic design that matches your personal brand, voice, and business niche will send a stronger message to viewers.

Engage web viewers with content that showcases your expertise and personality

One of the big mistakes new real estate agents make is assuming that leads want to buy right now. Most of the time, that’s not the case. They’re doing preliminary research and looking for an expert to call down the road.

Many agents don’t actually show expertise—they tell people they’re experts. Your bio section should be your last concern. Here are two ways to get it done right:

1. Maintain a blogging schedule. You may think you have no time during the day to write a blog post. We know your time is better spent making calls and building relationships, but your business blog sets you apart from the competition and, if you know SEO, gets you in front of local searches. Moonlight as a local real estate writer and publish articles about the best neighborhoods in your primary towns, or other topics that people homebuying nearby would like. And of course, make sure there’s a link to properties in each post that will generate leads.

2. Create high-quality video content. Imagine the home page of your website. Front and center, right in front of the viewer’s eyes, is a two-minute video that showcases you: your brand, your personality, your passion. Plus, a few client testimonials added to back up your claims. That’s a powerful message. It beats all the competition that doesn’t have it.

Convert your online leads into a sales funnel and nurture them

Finally, what’s the point of driving traffic to your site when you don’t have a structured system to convert them into leads? It’s a waste of money! Your website needs to be set up to capture the traffic and nurture them through a sales process. Your real estate lead generation efforts should always lead towards a sale. Here are three checklist items:

1. Build a landing page for your Facebook and Google ads. When a person clicks your advertisement, where does it lead them? Your landing page is a crucial part of the sales process. Hire a freelance copywriter to write attention-grabbing sales copy and drive people to continue the process. Don’t just send people to your website in hopes that they will contact you—guide them in the right direction.

2. Offer web forms that take minimum time to fill out. One thing that always drives away leads is a web or contact form that’s too long and complicated. It’s the secret killer of real estate lead generation. Don’t make your leads jump through hoops—make it easy and ask for the essential info.

3. Offer something in return for their contact information. Give your leads something valuable for their email address and web form submission. A small, ten-page e-book that outlines your top ten pieces of advice for new home buyers is a great download. Remember to make the content relative to your local market.


lead-managerlead-managerIf lead generation is an important part of your business plan, it’s time you partner up with Blitz.
Schedule a free demo of our lead management software and gain loyal customers with less work!


Do you have any advice to add for our readers? What real estate lead generation tips would you recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments!