It has been proven that motivated employees are more productive.  So, how can you keep your team happy?

According to a 2015 Gallup report, approximately 32% of U.S. workers are “engaged” in their jobs.  Engaged meaning that the employees were excited and committed to the work they do. That means that around 78% are not engaged, which means that they likely get the least amount of work done as possible and watch the clock until they can leave for the day.  Keep your employees happy with these tips, because motivated employees are more productive.

1. Make a case for employee engagement
Employees who are not engaged are less productive and cost the company money.  If you are a leader or manager at your organization, consider making a business case to boost engagement.  Motivated employees are more productive and in the long run, investing in their happiness with training, career advancement, or departmental outings is an investment in boosting your bottom line.

2. Work as a leader to encourage happiness
People are generally happiest at a job when they find the job fulfilling and that they are valued, and that their efforts are appreciated.  One key way to do this as manager is to be as transparent as possible with departmental or organizational communications.  Treat all employees with dignity and respect both inside and outside of working hours.  This will demonstrate that you value them as people and not just as employees.

3. Encourage your employees to expand their horizons
Do you have a great employee that works hard but doesn’t seem motivated sometimes? Sometimes motivated employees are more productive because they are working toward a goal like a pay increase, new position title, or more responsibility.  Ask your employees at least once or twice a year to outline their goals, where they want to be at the company in 5 years, and work together to establish a plan to help them reach those goals.

4. Ask your employees for feedback
Your employees work with your customers all day long.  They have a great sense of what their needs and expectations are, so don’t be afraid to ask your employees questions and tap into their knowledge to ensure that your plan as a leader at the company matches what your customers really need and expect.  Not only will this help your business to be more effective, but it will give your employees a sense that you care what they think.  This will go a long way to ensure that motivated employees are more productive at your company.

5. Offer your employees new responsibilities
Employees value an employer that cares about them and occasionally provides them a chance to shine.  Do you have a reliable employee that has been with you for years and has a great depth of knowledge to share? Give that employee more opportunities to share that knowledge with your customers, or to train others in your team.  This will make them feel like they are contributing and are valued, which will go a long way in keeping them engaged and happy.

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motivated employees are more productive

6. Mentor a peer or colleague
Even if you are not a leader or manager at your organization, here’s one you can try.  During our workdays we often get stuck doing the same thing day after day and it can become monotonous. Take 15-30 minutes once or twice a week to cross-train with someone in another department.  Another option is to take someone else under your wing and show them the ropes and share knowledge and experience. The mentorship will not only help with training someone else so they can grow in knowledge, but taking a break to train can make your workday go faster.

7. Establish regular team meetings like “Lunch & Learns”
Motivated employees are more productive when they have opportunities to share knowledge at weekly or bi-weekly meetings, like “Lunch & Learns.”  If you are a manager, take a few minutes every day to find news articles, videos, reports and training materials that you can share with your department.  This will provide your staff a chance to share their experiences, help their colleagues, and provide a much needed break during the workday.

8. Establish a peer- recognition reward system
People are more engaged and are generally happier employees when they feel that they are appreciated. One way to do that is to work with your HR department to establish a system for employees to nominate their peers for special recognition. Then once a month or once a quarter – depending on the size of your company – either one or all of those employees get a prize like a plague or gift card.

9. Make close connections at work
One way to keep your employees engaged is to form close connections and bond with your staff.  Get to know them as people. Find out more about their spouses, children, and immediate family.

10. Establish short and long-term goals
Do your staff members have goals that they are passionate about pursuing?  It could be anything either work related or non-work related.  Encourage your staff to establish goals and give tools and resources to assist them in making and reaching those goals.

motivated employees are more productive

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What has worked for you to keep your employees engaged?  Share your thoughts, tips, and comments below!