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We’d never tell you to ignore customer input, but it’s important to think outside of the box when it comes to dreaming up, designing, and manufacturing new products or services. Do you know your current market trends? What is it that your customers want? Find out. Now that you know, go one step further. Imagine and begin to manufacture what your customers will want – or need – in the future.

When the first car was sold, competitors wanted to get in on the action. However, since they weren’t planning on manufacturing vehicles, they didn’t know where to begin to compete. They first needed to design a product, and this was based on their competitor’s already selling model. Next, they needed to figure out how to make it work and develop, by trial-and-error, a similar project. Finally, they had to convince their prospects why their model could even compete with the first one.

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Wouldn’t it be easier to be the first product on the scene? Take some time to daydream. What products should you create for your customers?

Don’t waste time

How well you know your design and manufacturing process makes a big difference on how well this product will sell. These days, everyone is looking for tips on how to streamline their workflow or skip steps in order to either save money or get work done faster. People take classes or read books to learn the tricks of their trade, when they instead could completely immerse themselves in their work and learn everything possible about how everything works.

Let’s say you invest in a new machine to streamline some of your manufacturing needs. This machine is going to be able to do everything one of your employees did in a week’s time in less than a day.

Great, right?

Well, yes. Machines are great tools to help any industry get work done. But do you know exactly what the machine does, and how it works? What happens if it breaks? Will one of your employees be able to jump in and get the work done in such a precise manner, or have they lost the skills needed to complete the work?

The bottom line is simple – make sure every one of your employees knows how to do every step of your manufacturing process from start to finish.

-Work expands so as to fill the time

Is everyone in your organization on the same page when it comes to time management? If you value your company’s time and everyone uses it wisely, more work – specifically more efficient work – will get done.

One way to measure the effectiveness of your employees is by using time tracking tools. Have your employees record the amount of time they spend doing each task. This works especially well if you have multiple employees working on the same, or similar, tasks. If the time it takes between both employees is much different, find ways to streamline the process between each employee.

Everyone works differently, so it isn’t fair to say one employee is less productive if it takes him more time to complete a task than his counterpart. However, if you know an estimated amount of time it takes something to get done, you’ll be better able to train your employees and give them the tools necessary to get their work done in a similar amount of time as their counterparts.

If I had asked my customers (2)

You should regularly be taking inventory of your processes. How does one step work with the next? Is every process running smoothly? Can you make things work quicker, smoother, or happen for less upfront cost? Sit down with all of your employees to find out what they think of company practices. They may have ideas on how to make everything run smoother from their up-front and close proximity to the tasks at hand.

If your employees have no suggestions, it might be a good idea to bring on an organizational consultant who will be able to view your company through an unbiased lens. They will be able to provide you with a report of items that need work or restructuring after spending some time with your employees and your practices.

If I had asked my customers (1)

How hard do you work to get things right when working on a new design or drafting a new product? Do you take the time to perfect your work, or do you settle with “good enough?” Of all the manufacturing quotes, this one could work for any industry. It should be everyone’s dream to manufacture quality products. The better something works, the more a customer will value it. The more a customer values a product, the more willing they become to spend their money on it.

Be persistent in chasing after quality work from your employees and quality end results from  your products. “Good enough” should never be good enough for you or your business. Aim for greatness. Aim for excellence.

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