If your office is still using spreadsheets, written calendars, and post-it notes to manage leads and customers, it may be time for an upgrade.  Just because something has been working for years does not mean there is not a better way to do it, and there are some things that pen and paper just cannot provide.  With Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software, you can save a few trees and increase sales and productivity all at once.

What happens when the phone rings?  Do you shuffle through papers and files, jotting down notes and flipping through a calendar?  With Blitz, you simply type in part of a name, phone number, or address and the file is right in front of you in seconds.  Do you scan through spreadsheets, looking for certain people to focus on that day, highlighting as you go?  With Blitz’s, you can sort and filter lists using any criteria you choose, targeting specific clients with a couple clicks.  Blitz’s lead tracking software also checks for duplicate leads, preventing prospectors from accidentally calling the same person (you know it’s happened!)

Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software’s history note feature will replace your post-it notes and thick files, saving you time searching for information and increasing your accountability.  Having every interaction recorded will increase customer relationships as well as providing digital evidence for those times you are accused of never calling or emailing information.  Included in the customer’s log is a schedule, which reminds you when an appointment is approaching, and places the customer into a “neglected lead” section if the appointment is missed.  Can your calendar do that?

How do you update leads on a spreadsheet when they move from an attempted contact status to a hot prospect?  Do you highlight or circle them?  Possibly move them from one spreadsheet into another?  Blitz’s status and milestone features allow you to mark leads when they move along in your sales process and even shows you when each transition occurred.  Leads can be filtered by status and milestone as well, saving you that extra time of searching for specific leads to focus on that day.

Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software tracks your employee activity, making them accountable for their daily performance.  Blitz keeps track of dollar amount generated by each lead source so you can spend money where you are making money.  You can run reports on lead history, lead statuses and milestones, or details, making lead tracking simple.

Spreadsheets are great for a small number of leads or customers, but as your company grows, they just aren’t enough.  If you are still not convinced, try Blitz for a month on us and find out for yourself!