Making easy sales takes more than luck!

Top o’ the morning to you!

Can you smell that? That faint scent of sweetness in the air? Yes, spring is about to unfold! However, that’s not the smell we’re referring to. If you’re a hunter, you know the smell. It’s the smell of opportunity! A new season in your career as an insurance agent is just days away. Don’t let your challenges overshadow your opportunities to make easy sales. Sniff out those easy sale opportunities, swoop in on them and grow your book of business. Not sure where to start? Read on to find out:

Target Your Current Customers for New Business

Before you open up your wallet to generate new business, take a look at your book of business. You can offer simple rewards like gift cards for every referral your customers send to you that becomes a new client. This is a profitable approach considering how much you can earn on just one premium. How do you implement this? An email blast to all your current customers with a simple web link for the referral submission will allow the referral to be delivered to you instantly. Best of all, you can be notified of the submission instantly!

Increase Your Number of Opportunities (The Smart Way)

If you decide to increase your sales opportunities by investing in leads or lead lists, you’ll realize that closing sales are a numbers game. The more prospects you get, the more sales opportunities you have. This, however, can quickly become overwhelming. What you can do to handle all of the sales opportunities is automate some of the tedious follow-up tasks like scheduling and sending emails. This will ensure that each and every lead you have quoted is being contacted or followed up with. The result? Easy sales and an increase in your ROI from those leads and lead lists.

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Make the First Contact and Seal the Deal

Did you know that the chances of qualifying new leads significantly decrease after 5 minutes? That’s why you need to be on top of new leads a soon as they are summited to you. In a competitive market like insurance, web leads are ultra-competitive, especially if you have nearby competitors waiting to snatch them up. A tool like hot lead dial that works with any phone system can connect you and a new lead within seconds of submission. This will give you a significant competitive advantage over your competitors, allowing you to seal the deal first!

Win New Clients with Your Good Name

One of the best ways to earn credibility and market your agency for referrals is through affinity partnerships. These partnerships will not only send you referrals but also market your business. These are easy sales you can make. Take a look around your community and team-up with local businesses and organizations such as schools, grocery stores, libraries, and retirement communities. Try to attend local events with those organizations and promote your agency. With enough time and effort, your agency will be a local household name with clients pouring in!

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So, is it the luck of the Irish or just skill? Sure, everyone needs a bit of luck in the insurance business, but ultimately, skill will put you ahead of the pack! Click here to schedule a free demo of Blitz Sales Software and see how you can turn your luck and skill into easy sales now!