The life of an insurance agent can be busy and challenging.  These tips can help.

It has been said before that selling insurance is unlike selling anything else.  That can place a lot of pressure on insurance agents to sell and meet their sales targets. However, this can be tricky because consumers often do not buy a product or service if they do not feel that they need it.  So how do you convince prospects that they need the coverage you are selling them without over-dramatizing the various potential situations they could be exposed to without the right insurance policy? The life of an insurance agent can be challenging, but these 4 tips will help drive sales success at your company.

Tip #1: Gain Their Trust
Consumers need to know that you are knowledgeable and only have their best interests at heart. The life of an insurance agent, as a salesperson, demands that you identify the needs and requirements of your customer before trying to sell them any type of insurance policy.  Work hard to understand their needs, their point of view, and find solutions that will work best to meet their needs and expectations – instead of the policies that will earn you the highest sales commission.  This will gain your customers trust, and make it more likely that you will earn their business.

Tip #2: Add Emotion to Sales Presentations
You have worked really hard and finally a prospect has schedule time to meet with you.  Take full advantage by weaving in emotionally charged phrases into your sales presentation. While it’s important to avoid over dramatization or scare tactics, making sure in that the consumer knows the importance of the topic you are covering can be quite effective.

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Tip #3: Be Prepared to Combat Common Objections
Customers often make the case that they do not need certain lines of coverage, or even certain types of insurance policies. Do not take the easy way out and move on if an objection is raised.  Be prepared to explain the value, affordability, and need for the proposed insurance policy.

Tip #4: Ask Strategic Questions
When a customer or prospect asks questions, your first instinct might be to come up with the best answer possible that will learn to earning their business.  However, sometimes the best thing to ask is a question that will allow you to calmly and gently guide the consumer that he or she needs to buy the insurance coverage that are proposing that they purchase.  If you want your client, for example, to purchase flood coverage for their home and they do not feel they need it, consider asking a questions like, “I know that your home has a finished basement. What is the value of the contents in that basement?” and then a follow-up question such as “Would it be a financial hardship for you if you had a flood and you had to not only repair your home, but replace all of those contents out-of-pocket?”

At Blitz, we know that the life of an insurance agent can sometimes be a challenging one.  But with the help of these sales tips, we hope that this quarter is the best one yet for your agency!

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How has the life of an insurance agent been enhanced at your company?  What tools, resources, and tips have lead to success for your insurance agents? We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts below!